Summer Day

Summer Day

It was the height of summer. A time when the heat is so hot and thick that all you can do in the middle of the day is find a field to lay in and watch the clouds go by. She thought of all the times and all the summers she had spent here on the farm. Little did she know that this would be the last lazy summer day she would spend for a long time. She was fifteen and had no idea all the changes life had in store for her when she returned home for school.

The breeze gently kissed her warm face as she lay on her back in the field watching the tall grass and wildflowers dance in the sunlight. She watched the clouds float across the azure blue sky. Magical dragons and white fluffy rabbits floated by overhead as the birds chirped in the distant trees and the bees moved from flower to flower collecting nectar to make honey. She loved these days surrounded by the mountains feeling as if the earth were cradling her in it’s arms. The mountains always felt like an embrace from her great-grandmother. Strong and soft at the same time with the scent of nature and sunshine. The smell of home. She closed her eyes and listened with her soul to the heartbeat of the earth.

Today’s prompt from Just Jot It January is “cloud”

This is part of a short story I am working on.  Any thoughts?

5 thoughts on “Summer Day”

  1. Wow. Beautiful. It brings me right back to those days, I’m feeling pangs of longing, almost like mourning, for the carefree innocence, free to enjoy just being alive.

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