Gestation and Eternity

Gestation and Eternity



In numerology,9 is the number of completion, achievement, and accomplishing divine will. 9 represents big ideas and seeing the big picture. It is the number of gestation, and the number of eternity. The goal of 9 is to culminate, complete, and let go in order to move on and start anew as 1.

The Hermit



In tarot, 9 is represented by The Hermit. Signifying introspection, achievement, inner guidance, and search for the truth. The Hermit holds a shining light to illuminate the truth we all seek. In order to find the truth, we must go within ourselves, to separate from the outside world, and find the divine within.





This means that 2016 is the year of seeing the big picture, the divine will, and achieving completion in order to move on and let go of the things of the past. It is a year to acknowledge all that has come before and how it has made us who we are to this point in our lives. It is a time to recognize our accomplishments and know they are just a step on our path toward the divine. We recognize these accomplishments and prepare for the new tasks ahead in the next phase of our lives. We begin on a fools journey knowing that what we seek was within us all along by this point in the journey we are beginning to understand this.


Today’s prompt for Just Jot It January is “2016”.

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