Feeling Self-Confident When You’re Over 50

Last updated on April 15th, 2020This may (or may not) surprise you, but did you know that women’s self-confidence drops when they hit fifty? It’s true, I was reading an article about it the other day that said most women feel invisible by the time they’re 51. There’s just something about that age milestone that …

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Mother Nature is Menopausal

It seems that Mother Nature cannot decide if it is going to be hot or cold.  Hot flashes followed by night sweats which than leads to freezing. Her mood swings are off the charts with more hurricane’s, earthquakes, and tornado’s then normal.

child with cat monster


Last updated on February 6th, 2015I am tired but my mind will not rest. I can find no relief from this despair and anguish that I feel. I fear I am losing my mind to this insanity that is my body in its present state. This body that is not mine. This body that is …

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