Writers Talking with Kimberly H. Smith @beingawordsmith

Kimberly was born and raised in south Louisiana. Her debut novel, Acting On Her Behalf, is a suspenseful tale of murder, love, and secrets. She currently lives in the Kansas City area where she enjoys belly laughs with her husband and her young son.

Writers Talking with Jan Steele

Jan is the author of Shoes on the Stairs. In addition to writing, she loves to travel, volunteer, watch college basketball and sunsets.

Elizabeth Engstrom on What Makes a Good Story

We read because we lead lives of desperate calm. We go to great lengths to avoid conflict, yet fiction is all about conflict. When we go to bed at night and pick up a book, we slide into the shoes of a character embroiled in outrageous conflict and

Writers Talking with Susan Schwartz

Interview with Susan Schwartz RN, MSN, MSHA an avid writer for around 10 years doing everything from writing freelance articles to editing manuscripts for other authors. She loves to write horror stories that have a twist at the end.