Retire in a Way That Suits You


Retiring should be an exciting opportunity. You have worked the majority of your life and now the time has come to say no more to the daily grind and to welcome in the joys of having free time to put your feet up, get to that hobby or travel around a bit. So let’s look at the positives of retirement by first tackling some of the worries.



According to New Retirement, two of the biggest fears, as we approach retirement, are running out of money and healthcare. Both valid problems that have haunted the average person far longer than just in retirement. There are few times in your life when you don’t look at your bank account and hope to see a higher number then is there. Likewise the fear of having to deal with a health issue – while it grows as we get older – is a constant concern.


That isn’t to say we should just ignore these two negatives but rather accept they are part of life’s troubles. If, for example, you are concerned about money as you enter retirement ask yourself, what are you worried about? Is it that your pension doesn’t support your lifestyle? Then maybe you might want to consider not going for full-time retirement. Try exploring something new, start a new career, or follow your passion and open that Etsy shop. It might meet your demands better than retiring. That doesn’t mean working full-time but rather embracing the fact that you still have a lot to offer.


So, you don’t want to go back to work? You’ve earned your retirement and working just isn’t for you anymore. An alternative to bringing in a regular income is changing your outgoings. Have you considered, for example, selling up your current home? You might find that while it served a purpose when you were working, moving to somewhere like a 55 and over housing communities will take you away from the stresses of living within a reasonable distance of the workplace while also putting some cash from the sale in your bank account.

Finally, when it comes to health, we all need to make sure we are taking the steps we need to consider as we get older to ensure a continued good life. By understanding the changes our bodies go through as we age, we can then start to implement dietary and exercise change ourselves to ensure that we stay healthy and active as long as possible.  


So, you see, retiring is something to look forward to. Whether that means moving out of the city to somewhere quieter with more open space to enjoy or if that means providing ourselves with a few days off in the week while we continue to help the next generation build themselves up. There are many ways to retire, it’s just about finding which one suits you.

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