The Benefits of a Seaside Escape

When we’re young many of us dream of a second home by the ocean. We love going on family holidays at the beach. We enjoy relaxing in the sunshine and spending time playing on the beach with our families. Unfortunately, most of us can’t afford a vacation home when we’re working and busy raising our children. Then, life seems to get in the way. We focus on work, we’re always busy, our families take up all of our time, and vacation time is limited.


Retirement is the perfect time to follow your dreams, even if you can’t quite remember what they were. A second home by the sea can be the ideal way to spend your hard earned money on something that will bring so much joy to your life. Even if buying isn’t an option, looking at Outer Banks rental companies can be wonderful. Here are some of the benefits of having a seaside escape.


You’ll Spend Quality Time with Your Family


In theory, when we retire, we should have endless time to spend with our family and friends. But, somehow life still gets in the way. Your family is busy. They’ve got work, school, and other responsibilities. You’ve probably still got a lot on to fill your time too. Many families don’t even live close together in the modern world. You might find that your family isn’t even all in the same country. All of this means that spending quality time together can be tough.


A house by the beach almost guarantees special time together. Your children and grandchildren will be keen to come and stay, and you’ll love watching them have fun on the beach and playing in the sea.


You’ll Get More Exercise


Do you find that there are days when you do little more than sit in front of the TV? Most of us do, and occasionally this is fine. In fact, these lazy days are essential to recharge your batteries. But, too many of them can affect your health.


Spend more time at the beach, and you’ll get more exercise. You’ll go for walks. You’ll explore nature. You’ll enjoy being outdoors, getting fresh air and taking in the sights.



You Might Live Longer


All of this exercise and fresh air, as well as eating fresh, well-cooked foods and getting away from the stresses and pressures of city life can be good for your health. Spending extended amounts of time out in the fresh sea air could even extend your life expectancy by a few years.


You’ll Try New Things


As we get older, many of us get stuck in our ways. We go to the same places. We eat the same foods. We spend time with the same people and our days stick to a routine. This can get boring and can hurt your mental health. Renting or buying a property at the beach will encourage you to try new things. You’ll meet new people. You’ll have a go at new hobbies and eat in the places. This can help to keep your mind young as well as giving you a greater enjoyment of life.

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  1. I really wish we could do something like that. What a great way to relax and get some peace! It would sure make you want to get out of a rut!

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