Don’t Retire A Sharp Mind

Bodies age and break down. Sorry, but it’s an occupational hazard of life. Getting older is hard on your physical frame, and it can take a toll on the mind too. Dealing with creaky bones is one thing; it’s another to lose your edge. Your understanding is the cornerstone of a healthy and comfortable retirement. Without it, things start to get complicated, which is why you should never retire the brain in your golden years.


Saying it is one thing and doing it is another, which is why you may need some help. Here are the tips which will come in handy. Follow these and your mind will be so sharp it may get classed as a health hazard.


Work Part-Time


The whole point of retiring is to find a balance between work and life. However, that doesn’t mean you should give it up completely. Handing in your papers is a grave error as it takes away from the routine which has kept your mentally healthy. All of a sudden, there is a huge gap which is tricky to fill. Sure, take time off and enjoy the first couple of weeks of retirement, but don’t quit altogether. Instead, find part-time work and make sure your life has structure. After all, speaking with people encourages debate and problem-solving.


See A Doc


The mind and body are one. When the physical is hurt, the mind feels it too and vice versa. Here’s an example. You’re struggling with the prospect of getting old and hate it when you get aches and pains you didn’t suffer from before. As a result, you begin to feel down and depression sets in deep and negative thoughts are linked to Alzheimer’s. Booking an appointment with a doctor can help from a pain management perspective and keep your mind free of negative vibes. Plus, it’s a reason to get out of the house!


Listen To MJ


Michael Jackson once sang “shake your body down to the ground.” Although this may be over-enthusiastic, the premise is solid. Exercise for pensioners is important as it stimulates the mind and the body. With more blood pumping around the body, there is a high content of O2 which reaches the brain. Plus, working out is a stress-reliever and that stops harmful feelings from bottling up inside of you and spilling over. Listening to Jackson’s greatest hits while exercising can get you into the mood so you should download his anthology.

Don’t Stop Learning


Thanks to your experience, there is a vat of knowledge inside of you bursting at the seams. According to research, knowledge is power because it maintains a healthy mind. Learning a new skill encourages neurons to fire in a way they don’t while you are sat watching TV. Reading is an excellent, low-intensity option, or there are strenuous activities. A dance class is perfect as it incorporates learning and exercise without pushing your brain and body to the limit.


Is your mind as sharp as ever?

If not, what will you do to get it back to full fitness?


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  1. True. Retiring is not meant to mean sitting on the couch watching TV all day, lol. You need to do things to keep your mind and body active and involved.

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