Staying Independent As You Age

For those of us that value our independence, becoming reliant on others as we age is something we dread. However, there are tactics that we can use to help us stay an independent as possible, no matter what our age. Read the post below to find out what they are.




Even such a simple activity such as cooking can become problematic as we age. Primarily, because our physical health may not allow us to prepare fresh and healthy meals like we are used to.


Of course, some workarounds can be put in place including having ready made meals delivered by an outsider provider. These can then be heated up in the oven or microwave. Something that ensures a good variety of dishes without the hassle of having to shop for and prepare them.



Alternatively, it may be a smarter move to batch cook your own meals once a week or even a month. Then you can fix a few different types of dish, and freeze individual portions. Something that means you will have quick and easy access, to nutritious meals, all of the time.

Batch cooking and meal prep can be a smart way of saving time but also staying independent.


Movement & exercise


Mobility is another area where we can experience some problems as we age, and this can cause an issue with getting out of the house, as well as moving around successfully at home.


One way that you can minimize such as issue is to stay as fit an active as possible. Now, this will look different for different people, depending on how their health conditions affect them. For example, one person in their 90s may still be able to run a marathon, but for another, the right choice will be to complete their physical therapy exercises and ensure they can continue to use the stairs in their home.

Obviously, for those that have different targets that are more achievable for them, like being able to walk around their home, there are companies such as Terry Lifts that can fit devices such as stairlifts to help you navigate the floors of your home. It’s important that, as we’ve already mentioned, the targets you set are achievable – if walking up the stairs will cause too much physical strain, then a device like a stairlift or a chair lift would be desirable.


In fact, if you are asking yourself why you should consider a lift chair for your home, the simple answer that it makes getting in and out of your chair easily during the day is all the reply you need. After all, if you are struggling to sit down and get up with any regularity, anything that can help to alleviate this can be hugely beneficial to your everyday life and in maintaining your independence.




Of course, staying independent as you age isn’t just about being able to run and move around your own home. It’s also essential that you do things and have interactions in the wider world as well.


To that end, joining a social or hobby club can give you an excellent reason to socialize outside of the home. You can even invest in a taxi, or ask a family member to drive you if you would struggle to walk there.


Craft activities are a great choice for seniors looking to socialize outside of the home.


Alternatively, some older folks enjoy life within a community designed especially for them. A place where they will have access to a wealth of activities and company that will help them stay as independent as possible as they age.


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