Making Up For The Makeup Mistakes Of Your Past


By the time you reach your fifties, the chances are that you’ve spent a large part of your life wearing makeup. It is impressive stuff, after all. You probably started in your early twenties and never looked back. But, you’re beginning to see the damage of those nights leaving makeup on or days of heavy use. Your pores are clogged, and your wrinkles are heavy from trying to process everything. It’s no secret, after all, that sleeping in makeup is akin to asking for wrinkles. And, as you mature, the damage is sure to come more and more to the fore. But, does that mean your skin now is forever going to pay for the mistakes of your past? We think not.

In truth, there are plenty of things you can do to keep your skin looking glorious. But, what exactly are these magic methods, and how can they help you now?

Work to address the damage

First, you need to work at addressing the damage you’ve caused so far. Failing to do this is never going to see your skin glowing the way it should. Your efforts would merely be a case of covering up. But, by opting for treatments like the dermaplaning offered at Bella Luce Spa, you could leave yourself in a much better position. Options like these help to rid you of damaged skin, and can even soften the appearance of wrinkles. Other options, like moisturizing, can bring back some of the moisture you’ve been sapping from your skin for years. While they might not be able to turn back the clock, methods like these can at least see you in a better position moving forward.

Opt for lighter choices

Of course, addressing the damage your makeup has done isn’t going to do you any good if you keep piling it on each day. As wrinkles become more apparent, many of us make the mistake of wearing more makeup to cover them. But, as you can see from these make-up tips for fabulous 50s, you should actually do the opposite. From a skin point of view, wearing less or lighter foundations can help to halt any damage you’ve done so far in its tracks. It can also help to prevent any further issues.



Give your skin a break

In reality, you’re facing problems here because your younger self never gave your skin a break. As such, you could benefit from going the other way and making sure to let your skin breathe where possible. Lightening the makeup you wear can work here as it ensures your pores get a little more breathing room. You may also want to get into the habit of removing makeup when you get home or going without on days at home. It may leave you feeling self-conscious at first, but this is sure to help your skin in the long-run. Get into the habit, and you may even find that you enjoy letting your natural beauty shine through on odd occasions.


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