Navigating Pregnancy At 40

Becoming pregnant at 40 or even older isn’t quite as uncommon as it once may have been and despite all of the doomsayers constantly telling women that it is a horrible idea, it doesn’t have to be. Often, being an older mommy can bring loads of benefits to mother and child so if this is you, read on. We’re here to help you take all the stress out of your pregnancy and share some sage words of wisdom from women who have been there – and came out on top as well as share some tips for a healthy pregnancy.




The idea of conceiving and having children in your 20’s or 30’s is not without merit. The younger you are, the easier you recover, the more energy you have and the more inclined your body is to deal with the stress and hormonal changes of pregnancy. However, this does not mean that conceiving at 40 is in and of itself a “no-no” – doctors are now saying that the contrary may be true.


For starters, you’ve probably already established your career and can dedicate more time to raising children and your financial situation is probably more favorable than your 20 something counterparts. 


While there are no direct health benefits relating to conceiving at 40, there are supplementary or secondary benefits that add up to an overall more positive experience. A 2015 analysis found that support from a partner reduces chronic stress and a high-quality relationship can lower the risk of postpartum depression and that couples who waited a little longer to conceive could generally afford better health insurance and thus receive better healthcare overall.


Those who had paid leave or who owned a business could be able to avail themselves of longer periods of parental leave and this will give them more opportunities to bond with their babies and to heal after giving birth.


Greater stability later on in life could also mean that maturity levels lend themselves to better parenting at later stages, as parents can draw on a greater diversity of life experience and skills.




While there is no direct link established between breech babies and women who conceive at 40 or after, there are a few incidents where this has occurred so regular checks with your doctor and healthcare team are essential and if you have a baby that is in the breech position, then you need to take special care. You may find the skills of a pregnancy chiropractor useful but as always, check in with your healthcare team.


Just like any other woman, you have to maintain regular contact with your doctor or midwife and discuss any issues with them that could be relevant, but you’ll want to pay special attention to following a healthy diet, ensuring that your intake of folic acid and vitamin D are adequate, quitting smoking as well as the use of alcohol and any recreational drugs (that should be a thing anyway), undergo regular screening tests, and discuss any hereditary issues that your family may experience.


Stay healthy, fit and get lots of rest and most of all, enjoy every moment!



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