Signs You Need Help For Symptoms Of Mental Illness

When we talk about health, it’s very easy to focus on our bodies, but our minds are just as important. Many of us don’t think twice about seeking help for physiological symptoms or changes in our bodies, but we are reluctant to reach out if we have symptoms of mental illness. Here are some signs that you may need help. 


Persistent symptoms

There is a big difference between experiencing emotions and suffering from symptoms over a prolonged period. It is perfectly natural to feel anxious before an interview or down if you’ve had some bad news, for example. If you have persistent symptoms that could be linked to conditions, such as anxiety or depression, it’s crucial not to try to ignore them or wave them away as something that is ‘normal.’ If you find that you feel sad all the time, you don’t get any joy out of your hobbies or seeing friends or family, or you want to hide away, seek advice.


Increased alcohol or drug consumption

Many people enjoy a drink from time to time, but it’s important to be aware of changes in your behavior, which could indicate that you are struggling to cope. If you are taking prescription medication as a coping mechanism, you’re drinking more than usual, or you are using illegal drugs to numb physical or mental pain or get away from the stresses and strains of daily life, it’s critical to realize that there is help available. You can arrange to see your doctor, speak to a therapist to get advice or use a drug rehab list to find suitable programs or facilities. Minor issues can spiral and snowball quickly if you are going through a tough time. It can be hard to make a call or schedule an appointment, but the sooner you get help, the better. 


Feeling like life will never get better

Most of us have had fleeting moments when we worried that life wouldn’t get easier or better, but some people reach a point where they genuinely feel like they have reached the end of the road and life is too hard to continue. If you find it hard to get up in the morning every day, you feel that life isn’t worth living, or you start thinking that the people closest to you would be better off without you, it’s so important to get help. Often, time can be a healer.  People can find themselves in a totally different situation days, weeks, or months down the line. Talking therapies, counseling, and making changes to your lifestyle can make a positive difference. There are people and organizations out there that can help and support you. 


Mental illness has become more prevalent and it can affect anyone. We can all take steps to protect our mental health, but if you experience symptoms, it’s important to act. There are treatments available and people you can talk to. You should never feel like you have to endure tough times or battle symptoms on your own. 

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