How To Stop Doubting Yourself And Build The Business Of Your Dreams


The amount of potential out there is crazy. There are so many talented and smart people in the world, that we should be living in some sort of paradise. Unfortunately, too many women over the age of 50 aren’t confident about starting their own businesses. They think that it’s a young person’s game and that they can’t bring anything new or innovative to the world. 


But that’s not true. In fact, it is precisely those thoughts that hold women back. When it comes to business, doubt is the biggest enemy. It has stopped more brands from growing into global superstars than anything else. 


In this post, we take a look at some of the methods you can use to stop doubting yourself and get the life that you want. Check them out below. 


View Life Challenges From A Fresh Perspective


If you think that life is hard, you’re not alone. Virtually everyone sees their lives in terms of what they lack. Life is very much happening to them. 


But there’s a different perspective you can take, one that many of the most successful people in history took. They see life as happening for them instead. 


Challenges aren’t just things that make your life bad. Instead, they’re the things that shape you. Diamonds are only forged under the highest pressures. 


Act With Confidence


Take a look at some of the brands behind the top trade show exhibits for 2022. What do you notice? Almost always, they are extremely confident in what they’re doing. They believe that they have value to offer to people, and they’re not afraid to show it. 


Confidence is, in the words of the Daoist Sage Laozi, “the greatest friend.” He was right. When you act confidently, the whole universe begins to yield to you. Your energy brushes off on other people and things that you never imagined could happen start to take place.


Take Note Of Your Excuses


You probably have a list of excuses for why you can’t strike out and have the life that you want to lead. For instance, you might tell yourself that you’re too busy, you have other commitments, or your finances aren’t in the right shape. 


What you need to realize is that things were never perfect for anyone who ever did anything great in their lives. They all battled monsters in private. They all went through pain. Each and every one of them had a crucible – an arena in which they did battle with some terrible foe. 


Identify Your Self-Doubt


Doubt, as discussed, is the biggest dream killer. Most people believe that success and achievement is something exclusively for other people, not them. In fact, the belief is so deep-seated that it’s unconscious. Many times, we don’t even realise that we are self-sabotaging. We just think where we are right now is normal. 


Don’t put limits on what you can do. Just see what happens. If you don’t try (and keep trying), you’ll never find out how far you can go.


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