How You Can Help A Friend


This world isn’t exactly very forgiving. It’s not like a fantasy movie or a fairy tale, unfortunately. Sure, there are a lot of things that go really, really well, but life is full of ups and downs – not everything is positive and full of smiles. As you’ve been around for long enough now, you probably know this already. You’ve probably already fought off lots of different challenges in your life, too, so you’re probably used to the negative parts of you. You might even be an expert in battling the bad stuff!

The chances are that you also know somebody that struggles with life a little more than you do. Not everyone can weather the storm; sometimes, they’re dragged into it, and they really struggle to come back out again. If someone close to you is in this kind of predicament, then it can be pretty hard to stomach. Their wellness is so very important, and seeing it chopped into little pieces isn’t a lovely viewing. There are things you can do to help out, however. You don’t just have to stand idle and let things pan out negatively. Sure, you probably won’t be able to fix things completely, but you can definitely throw a spanner in the works of evil. Here are a few things you can do:



Talk And Listen

Whatever the issue, it’s good to have an honest and open dialogue about it. For some reason, people like to keep things bottled – especially when they’re going through all kinds of negative stuff. If you can get them to trust you enough to open up, then a huge weight would be shifted, and they’d be able to push forward with their recovery. You’ll also be able to take on board a lot of information – you may even be able to help them out then and there.



Call In Experts

There are lots of different services you can call upon when looking to fix somebody’s life. There are establishments in place that are literally dedicated to getting people back on their feet again after all kinds of troubles. For instance, sober living homes are available for those who have struggled with addiction. Psychiatrists and psychologists are available should their inner troubles need analyzing. Even a hypnotist could help them out.


Don’t Patronize

When you’re doing okay, and someone you know isn’t, it’s then easy to patronize and make fairly condescending remarks. You don’t mean to be this way, but they just kind of come out like that. Do you best not to do anything like that. Talk to them as though they’re completely healthy and ‘normal.’



Just Be There

The power of just being in someone’s life is huge. You don’t even have to do much, in all honesty. Obviously, working hard to help somebody is the right thing to do, but if you don’t feel as though you’re the most confidence and competent caregiver, then your presence would still be enough. Seeing you next to them; seeing you care – it would be an absolute game-changer.


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