Improve Your Home to Improve Your Mood

Our well-being can be affected by so many different factors. Our lifestyle choices and our environments play a significant role. The home is one of those factors. The four walls that surround us every day leach into our minds and can either uplift us or make us feel down a depressed, or worse. The good news is that we have the ability to change our surroundings, and this will influence our well-being. No, you do not have to move; all you have to do is put some time, effort, and resources into improving your home with the specific intention of improving your mood. To help get you started, here are a few ways you can do that:


Fix Things

The is nothing worse than having a lot of broken things about. Trying that tap for the hundredth time, and still no hot water; trying to switch on that light, and no light. These things are frustrating and down heartening but can be resolved. Pretty much all houses have a list of things that need to be done. So, get your pen and paper out and start compiling a list of things that need to be done to make your home a properly functioning abode. Stick the list up on the fridge or somewhere that will remind you to do it. Start with the easy things and start ticking those items off. The more you do, the better you will feel. 


Let There Be Light

Lighting is extremely important to the overall mood of your home. If your lights are not the right brightness or in the wrong place, then you may be living in a home that decreases your well-being. It may be an idea to look at getting human-centric lighting with brightness options and the right hues. Lighting that does not light the home properly can make a home feel dingy, and it can make it a bit dangerous as you cannot see properly. It is also important that you create a home that allows as much natural light in as possible. Natural light is a mood booster and can help protect your circadian rhythm meaning that you can sleep better. Sleep is essential to your overall sense of well-being too. There are many strategies to increase the amount of neutral light in the home, from ensuring that there are no large objects blocking the windows to installing new windows or a skylight by calling a window replacement company. Also, consider changing the curtains or blinds to ones that open wider and allow more light to come into the home. 


Create More Space

Okay, unless you have a large budget and can have an extension or fit a patio, you may not be able to physically make more space. But that does not means you can’t create the illusion of more space. Space is important because it makes you feel less overwhelmed and claustrophobic. It offers a more Zen home experience. So ways you can create the illusion of more space include rearranging the furniture. If you have never tried a new layout, then you may be missing a trick. Perhaps it is time to finally get rid of that armchair you never use. If your room is dark, then you may want to think about painting it a lighter color. Light colors have the effect of opening the space up and making it seem larger. You could try painting the skirting the same color as the floor; this makes the floor space appear wonder and the room larger as a consequence. Putting mirrors up on the walls is another way to make a room seem larger and lighter. 



Decluttering is a great way to help your home decrease your stress, and elevate your mood. If your home is cluttered, then it could be negatively affecting your mental well-being in many ways. First, it is probably causing you an undue amount of stress and anxiety. An overabundance of visual stimuli at eye level is a great way to stress you out. If this is in your bedroom, then you are probably finding it difficult to sleep too. Lack of sleep plays havoc on your health too. Clutter may be having the effect of keeping you stuck in the past. This is because you have constant reminders of the past in the form of objects in your home. These objects can trigger memories for you, and by doing this, it means you are not focusing on the present momentum. You are dwelling on the past. Another easy clutter is causing your well-being to be negatively affected is the fact that clutter makes it difficult to clean your home. Clutter is the perfect breeding ground for dust, mold, mildew, and pollen to accumulate and infect the air. It is always a great way for parasites, insects, and rodents to fester. A clutter-free home is simply good practice for your mental and physical health.


Create a Balance

If you want your home to really help you relax and unwind, then why not create a relaxation room? If you have a spare room, then convert it into a space that is designed for calm. Make the room a technology-free zone by avoiding televisions, computers, and other distractions. Instead, you can have a bookcase, some books, or a journal to write in. Inside the room, place a comfortable chair, perhaps a chaise lounge. Maybe you could put a yoga mat in there and a bookshelf filled with books. This room is designed as a respite from the outside world. A space that has no advertising, no images, comments, and all the other kinds of bombardment we suffer from every day. If you do not have a spare room, could you convert a shed outside, or how about the corner of a larger room? Creating balance is essential to help even out your mind. 

Remember that the most important aspect of turning your home into a peaceful retreat is to make it a place where you feel comfortable and relaxed. Personalize the space with elements that make you feel happy and at peace.


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