Stuck in a Rut? Give Your Life A Makeover


There are days when all you want to do is build a pillow fort and hide. You feel stuck in a rut just trudging back and forth, doing the same things day in and day out. Our house gets us down, the way we look causes us to frown, and we long for something, anything, other than what we have today. It’s in these moments when we need to stop, take stock of our lives, and if necessary, give ourselves a makeover.


So, what about you? Are you fed up with your life?  Do you need to make any changes? If you’re answering ‘yes,’ with a vigorous shake of your head, then start to do something about it. Don’t stand on life’s treadmill on the path to nowhere land. There are plenty of ways you can make over your life, and we have some ideas for you here.


Makeover your daily routine

If you can’t be bothered getting out of bed in the morning because you have nothing to look forward to, then start to change things up a little. Do something different. Forget about boring breakfast ideas, and opt for unique breakfast dishes that are both healthy and exciting to eat. If you don’t have very much on your itinerary during the day, other than housework, sitting, and watching television, then find a new hobby to fill up your time. You could do something indoors, such as embroidery or calligraphy or you could get outdoors, and take up photography or a new sport. You might even visit your local college or community center, and take a class where you can learn something new! Do anything, other than the things you usually do. Take a look at these ideas to stir your thinking.


Makeover your friendships

If you have neglected to spend time with your friends recently, other than the occasional Facebook message, perhaps you should pick up the phone and talk to them. Arrange to meet up for coffee and a chat, or agree to spend more time with each other while engaged in a shared activity. Friendships are precious, so don’t lose touch with the people who are special to you. But if you find your social circle is lacking, and you don’t have enough people to spend time with, do something about it. Look online or in your local classifieds for social opportunities, those classes or hobby groups where you are bound to meet new people. Spend more time talking to your neighbors, or any others who live near to you, and try to cultivate new friendships. Because who knows, you may just make that special connection that will last a lifetime.


Makeover your look

There are times when we stand in front of the mirror and dislike the reflection we see. We might not be happy with our tums and bums, and our fashion sense may have lost its appeal. We might see bags under our eyes or new wrinkle lines, and get depressed at the way we are aging. It’s depressing, but we don’t have to stand for it. If you’re unhappy with any aspect of your looks, start to make those changes. You can find lots of good advice on our website. Use our make-up tips to enhance your beauty. Read our article on fashion trends, and put something new into your closet. And read our de-ageing tips to help you look and feel ten years younger. With a little bit of effort, and with the aid of some minor enhancements, you will finally be able to look in that mirror and smile, with renewed self-confidence to lift your day.


Makeover your home

When you’re sick of looking at the same four walls, and your home is no longer fit for purpose, then you need to have a rethink. Go online and look for some home decor inspiration. Using sites such as Deconovo, pick out something new and add it to your home. Get out the paintbrush and add a touch of color in any room that is looking drab. Get on top of your clutter, and purchase some extra storage space. Sell anything that has become an eyesore to you and replace it with something new. If there are any home repairs that need doing, don’t sit around waiting for the DIY fairy to do them for you. There are jobs you can do yourself, but if your skills are in any way lacking, then call out the professionals to do them for you. Your home needs to be the place where you relax and unwind, but if there is anything hindering your downtime, don’t delay in getting something done.

And talking about your downtime…


Makeover your downtime

 It’s good to relax, but you don’t need to do the things you usually do. You don’t need to watch the same old shows on television. You don’t need to sit glued to your phone for hours, playing Candy Crush or scrolling through your social media apps. We aren’t saying don’t do those things – it’s your life after all – but if you are bored while doing them, then do something different. Pay for an Amazon Prime video subscription and watch something you haven’t seen a hundred times before. Download books you have never read on your tablet or smartphone. Give yourself a pamper session, and have you a spa day at home with a manicure and a relaxing soak in the bath. Do all of these things and more, doing whatever floats your proverbial boat.

We haven’t touched on everything here. There may be other aspects of your life that could do with a makeover. We don’t know because we’re not you, but if there are things that stand out in your mind as needing a change, then take steps to do so. You don’t need to have the same routine as yesterday. You don’t need to stay rooted in the place you are now if you are in any way unhappy. Makeover your life, and give yourself a happier and more fulfilled tomorrow!

What Will You Makeover?

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