Tips for Helping an Injured Friend

It can be a really traumatic experience when a friend or a close relative falls victim to injury or illness, and the responsibility of caring for them might be a little overwhelming. Providing them with what they need to stay comfortable isn’t plain and simple – every individual is different and despite your best efforts you may struggle to help them as much as you had hoped. However, there are several things that you should keep in mind in order to ensure you can aid them in getting back on their feet as soon as possible, and they aren’t as outlandish and strenuous as you might think. If you’re caring for a sick friend or relative and want to know what more you can do to keep them calm and encourage the most restorative atmosphere, then read on to uncover some of the great tips that you can begin implementing today!


Keeping Some Independence 


Despite your friend’s condition, it’s likely they will want or need to keep some of their previous independence when it comes to different tasks. It does not matter if you are completely comfortable helping them with absolutely everything, as it’s basic human nature for an adult to want to be able to fend for themselves rather than rely on somebody else. Many tasks can be adapted and changed to fit their situation, just think outside of the box and get creative to make it work.

For elderly patients, consider a service like Senior Life that can visit them in the comfort of their own home and provide them with the support they need to carry on living as normal when they begin to face the usual problems that come with old age. 

For a friend whose injury makes it hard for them to shower, get them a shower chair and install a handheld shower. This makes it easier to stay clean while healing. For a friend who has had surgery and is on strict rest, arrange to take them to dinner each night and spend a few minutes tidying up their home.

For a friend or relative whose injury requires them to be in a wheelchair, you can organize friends to go over and rearrange the house in order to make it easier for them to maneuver around in the wheelchair. Moving furniture out of the way and arranging the kitchen to make items within reach of the chair.

Of course, that does not mean that you cannot help them with various tasks like helping them to find a personal injury attorney they can rely on or collecting groceries for them. Find the balance between helping them and helping them help themself and this will be ideal.


The Importance Of Their Environment


The surroundings that they are in during their healing process will have a huge impact on how they feel. Placing them in a back room with no windows or entertainment will be so dull, and without any interaction or things to do the hours will begin to feel like days. For a lengthy recuperation period, the downtime can lead to feelings of depression and uselessness.  It’s important to keep your friend’s spirits up and to help them find ways to occupy their time.

Set up a comfortable space with pillows and blankets, and ensure that where they stay leaves them with no pain or discomfort. Open the windows daily to get fresh air around the room, and launder the bedding regularly.

Arrange with your other friends or relatives a regular schedule of visits.  This will not only help the patient; it will also take some of the burdens off you and provide you with some needed time to rest.

Make sure that you provide some form of entertainment – this could be a puzzle or coloring book (both for children and adults!), a TV to watch shows and movies, or any other game or activity they usually partake in that will keep them occupied throughout their spare time. 

If they don’t have a Kindle this is a great time to get one. They can watch movies, play games, and read books.  If they don’t like reading they can always download some books from Audible and listen to them on their Kindle or phone.


This is a great time for hobbies, such as crochet, needlepoint, and cross-stitch.  Make sure your friend has all the supplies they need to keep themselves busy.  If they don’t have a hobby, now is the perfect time to start one.  There are tons of videos on Youtube that teach crochet and knitting.

Caring for a sick relative or injured friend isn’t easy, but the process of watching them heal and knowing you have helped to make it happen is just so rewarding. With the tips above, you can make them feel as calm and comfortable as possible, and leave them with the dignity and respect they deserve. Aid them in keeping some of their independence, and create the best environment possible in which they can heal.

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