Bashful Smile

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While looking through the pictures on Flickr Commons, I was drawn to this picture.  I came across it several times during the days I was searching for photos for writing prompts for this year’s A to Z challenge  I am not sure exactly what drew me to this picture. Was it the bashful smile with the missing front teeth or the fact that this photo was taken at Scotts Run, West Virginia? The only information with this photo was “miner’s child Scott’s Run”. 

Could this child be a relative, maybe a distant cousin with those blonde eyelashes like mine and that nose that looks like my son’s?  I don’t recollect any family in the Scotts Run area but sometimes families traveled when a mine closed. Most of my people are from the central West Virginia area and Scotts Run is further north near Morgantown. If I had a name it would be easier, as my family has traced our tree all the way back to our country of origin, but there was no name on the photo. 

I will probably never know who this child is or if we are related in any way as this photo is nearly 100 years old but I felt the need to share it. To let my readers wonder with me about who this child may be.  What kind of life he had and what mark he left on the world. He looks happy and healthy despite the hardship of living in Scotts Run during the Great Depression. I can’t help but smile looking at his face so full of joy and promise.  This wonderful face that emerged out of the past to be remembered even if just for a day.


Here is a picture of my son when he was about the same age. 

shh…don’t tell him I posted it. It was the early 90’s and mullets were cool.

I think there’s a resemblance, what do you think?



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8 thoughts on “Bashful Smile”

  1. You know they say when you are from West Virginia we are all related. I was born and raised in Charleston and we had relatives all over the state and they worked in the mines so he could be one of my relatives also.

  2. I love how you were drawn to the photo! He certainly does resemble your son. Thanks fo sharing with SYC.

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