Almost Famous

Today is April 1 which means its the first day of the A to Z Challenge. Last year I did poetry and poets, but this year I wanted to do something a little easier (less research) and also more creatively challenging.  This year I am using random old photos that I found on Flickr Commons as writing prompts. This will let me get my creative juices flowing without having to be bound by a certain style. So expect anything from poetry to vignettes.

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Almost famous is not good enough.

what price have I paid

my dreams lie in dust.

Almost pregnant does not exist

perpetual motion

caught in a sieve,

flour and water our daily bread

to feed your belly and numb your head.

What price have I paid

What childhood lost

What little girl plays by the road yet caught.

Destiny Hope smiles bright and warm

yet saw fit to reinvent and mourn.

what price was paid for recognition

sold her soul but still has dirty dishes.

The higher I reach the lower I go

but nothing, I mean nothing must stop the show.

Almost famous the cost is so low

the price is too high

now on with the show.




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