Build a Community on Instagram with a Follow Loop

How to Join the #Fab405060

Before you do anything else…..

Step One

Click to save this picture and share it on your Instagram account with the caption in Step 2.

How to save the picture – right click on it and select “save as”



Step Two

Copy and paste everything between the blue lines into the caption of the photo on Instagram


Join in this #midlife follow loop & meet new bloggers, influencers, writers, photographers & other fierce #womenover40

1. Follow the host @eclecticevelyn

2. Tap on #Fab405060

3. Follow all that use this image!

4. Comment “fab” or on everyone you follow

Allow 24 hours for a follow back

Click the link in host’s BIO to join in the loop.

Don’t join in if you are going to unfollow. We have an app to check.

Don’t use Repost App! Get photo from link in @eclecticevelyn BIO

#50andfabulous #40andflirty #sizzlingand60 #emptynest #midlifeblogger #GenX #boomer #follow4follow #followloop #womenover50 #womenover60


Step Three

Follow everyone who follows you. (It’s ok to unfollow the weirdos)

That’s it.  It’s that simple to build a community on Instagram.

Here’s a little tip!

Make sure to visit people who follow you and like or comment on a couple of their photos.


What if I’m not 50 and Fabulous, 40 and Flirty, or Sizzling and 60?

If this follow loop isn’t for you then just click #FollowLoop and find a different one to get involved with.


10 thoughts on “Build a Community on Instagram with a Follow Loop”

  1. this is really great as ive always found Instagram quite difficult to increase traffic. I will jhave a look into follow loops (I cant join this one as I’m not 40 yet!) #SharingTheBlogLove

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