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Vachaknavi Sarma also known as Hiya belongs to a very small town called Digboi, in Assam, a North-Eastern state in India. Wild Imagination is her first published book of poetry. Hiya started writing from 2012-2013 when her life took a dangerous U-TURN and her own family and friends stood against her.  She took up writing as a way to express herself and flush out all the negativity.  She has been writing ever since.
Hiya is a vehicle designer by profession and is currently working with General Motors.


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Who is your favorite poet?

To be very honest I never used to read poetry as such. I’ve only started reading poetry very very recently. From the time I’ve started writing myself. And my favorite poets are. Sylvia Plath, Thomas Hardy, and Maya Angelou. (In English lit)

Munshi Premchand and my own big brother who also happens to be a very famous writer/actor Paritosh Tripathi (In Hindi lit)


Who was your inspiration for writing this book?

Well, this book is a compilation of poems from 2013-2017. So my own life and everything happening around me was an inspection to write the poems. But my mum and dad inspired and backed me up to compile and publish the book.


Do your poems flow from within or do you write and rewrite them several times?

My poems always flow from within. And that is the only reason they are at times rough around the edges. And many times come with spell errors.

Rewriting my poems several times feels unnatural to me because I lose the feel of the piece.


What advice would you give a poet who’s interested in publishing a book?

I would only tell them to live their dreams and get their compilation out there. If not through any publication then through KDP as an indie author and let the entire world enjoy their magic created with words.


What’s the important message you hope readers carry away from this book?

I just wish for the readers to read the book and enjoy the rollercoaster of my life and maybe connect to a few pieces. And no matter what they never forget that there’s always hope at the end of the tunnel. Giving up is never an option.


What was an early experience where you learned that language has power?

I always used to scribble a thing or the other when things turned south for me and one day one of my friends read my diary and told me she could feel my feelings as deeply as she’s felt her own. That’s what made me realize the power language holds.


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The Book

Wild Imagination

by Vachaknavi (Hiya) Sarma

Genre: Poetry

Wild Imagination is a poetry collection written by the author in her initial period as a writer.
She compiled this book hoping to touch the hearts of reader’s for she has put her own heart and soul in the form of words.


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  1. Such an amazing journey in life one has taken. Love to read about her path to see how she ended up on the journey where she is now. So lucky to be able to write it’s such a gift.

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