Get Around In Style When You have Reduced Mobility


 As we age, we find that our mobility isn’t what it once was. Aging, in general, can be a challenging process, as we adapt to changes in our body and lifestyle. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still have fun and look stylish while we’re at it! Here’s how to get around in style when you have reduced mobility. 


Choose the right vacation destinations


There’s always a lot to think about when planning a trip. But when you’ve got low mobility, sometimes you’ve got even more to think about. This doesn’t mean that vacations can’t be really fun, though! It’s all about finding the best destination. But it’s almost impossible to recommend locations that will be right for you. Everyone’s interests are so unique, and that doesn’t stop with age! Start by dreaming up your dream vacation spot, then go from there. 


That being said, there are some great options for people with low mobility. A carefully chosen city break can make a wonderful cultural trip. A cruise can be a fantastic choice for relaxation since there is a range of dining, leisure, and entertainment opportunities right at your finger-tips. Plus, you get to travel to different locations in complete comfort and can decide how much you feel able to explore when you arrive in port. Another, even more adventurous, option could be a cross-continent train journey, such as the epic Trans-Siberian Railway


Get stylish aids 


Many people rely on aids like crutches or canes to keep them active. So why not make these as stylish as your outfit?  Canes can become a unique accessory that make you stand out in the best way possible. Whether it’s a polished, hand-crafted wooden cane or a brightly colored floral design, there is a vast range of canes for sale. Make sure you choose the one that makes you feel confident so you can rock it in style. An elegant hip bag can also pull together your outfit and store all of your essential items, so you’re free to use your hands as needed. If you use a wheelchair, you can get chic leather wheelchair gloves in a range of colors, too. 



Invest in the right shoes 


The shoes we wear each day can really affect our health. Having proper shoes improves posture, make foot problems less likely, and can save you pain that leads to worsening mobility. But how can you choose the right shoes for you? 


Aside from them looking lovely, you’ll also want to go for ones that offer plenty of support to your arches. Heels are terrible for your feet, so opt for flats. A totally flat shoe is probably best, although if your feet have become accustomed to heels, then a low heel will do. If you’re walking any distance, it’s worth investing in stylish and supportive shoes. Hiking boots or sneakers designed to give you proper support will be so much more comfortable. What’s more, they can even prevent trips and falls. Whether you go for timeless black leather or a colorful moisture-wicking fabric, you can feel great stepping out in style. 



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