Advance Your Career With An Online Master’s In Business

Are you at a point in your career when you’re thinking about trying to reach that next level or are you on a mission to get a promotion or boost your salary? If you have a background in business, or you’re looking to hone your skills to further a career in a related industry, have you thought about applying for an online master’s degree? Courses like an online MBA open doors and provide incredible opportunities to advance your career.

Often, when you have a job, it’s difficult to find the time to study, and many people aren’t able to afford to take a break to go back to college. The solution lies in online learning, an increasingly popular platform. Online learning enables you to study at the same time as working. If you do decide to look for a course that will provide benefits for your future, it’s wise to explore options like an MBA. Graduates on the course at Northeastern University come from diverse backgrounds, with most boasting experience in the healthcare, financial services, and IT industries. This particular course, as outlined by the infographic below, is attractive to candidates due to the online format and the reputation of the college.

There are multiple reasons why people choose to pursue further education. Over 20% of graduates taking Northeastern University’s MBA program chose to do so for personal satisfaction, but 19% wanted to further their career. Studying opens new doors, it increases the chances of securing higher level jobs, and it’s also likely to boost salaries. Almost 75% of those who graduated from the university secured a raise, while 49% were offered a promotion. Over 50% of graduates now earn between $100,000-$199,000.

If you’re looking to enhance your career opportunities, an online master’s degree in business could be your next step.

Infographic Created By Northeastern University

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