Wide Open Spaces

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Nothing but wide open spaces between here and there. Might see a farmhouse every once in a while but otherwise nothing but land and sky.

Daddy was right, I had been on this road for days and the only thing I had come across was a cow, a few dogs, and a dead coon.  I could see that just up ahead there was a farmhouse. Wonder if they was looking for a hand. I sure could use a meal and a place to lay my head for the night.  I was bone weary with all this walking and could use another living soul to conversate with.  As I got closer to the farm, I saw another dead coon, and another and another. The air had become so thick with the smell of rotting carcasses that I nearly retched right there in the middle of the road. If my stomach hadn’t been so emptyI probably would have.  I heard the crows cawing from the rooftop before I ever saw them.

A shiver ran up my spine, Mama’s voice in my head, don’t count the crows, baby. You know why they’re called a murder. Don’t tempt fate. Let them tell it to the devil. 

I pulled my collar up, put my head down and just kept walking right past that farmhouse.


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Would you listen to your stomach or to your Mama’s voice in your head?


Did you see this?


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