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Why is Everyone Trying to Look Like a Kardashian?

I have a complaint or more like a pet peeve. I really dislike when people, especially women, try to be someone else. When they don’t embrace their own unique beauty and try to fit into a mold. The current mold I see everyone trying to fit in is the corsetted (waist trainer) waist, big butt, full body makeup, hair extension, overdrawn lips of the Kardashians.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not knocking the Kardashian’s or the way they have been able to make millions off of just being a Kardashian.  What I am saying is why are they and everyone else all trying to look specifically like Kim.  Kim is pretty but I always thought Khloe was the prettiest until she lost weight and started trying to look more like Kim and don’t even get me started on Kylie. Not only are they trying to look like Kim, it seems that a whole generation of women think beauty is defined by how much contouring you can do all over your body and how big your butt is.

The butt thing, fine. As a woman who is curvy, I am glad to see women embracing their curves, but I don’t want women to feel like they are somehow less if they don’t have a tiny waist and a huge butt.  I don’t want women to feel like they have to be corsetted and wear butt padding to be considered beautiful.

I really don’t understand the makeup thing.  All this contouring, and overdrawing.  It reminds me of drag queen makeup. Drag is all good (I love me a good drag show) but it is for performance not for going to the PTA meeting.  I don’t get why you want to spend hours contouring everything trying to make your face and neck look like a Kardashian, putting in hair extensions, and wearing a body con dress just to go to the grocery store.  Everywhere I look, I see a Kardashian and I live in the middle of Appalachia.

Time for everyone to embrace your own unique beauty and stop trying to fit into someone else’s mold.

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18 thoughts on “Why is Everyone Trying to Look Like a Kardashian?”

  1. Beautifully written…and i totally agree on the “everyone trying to have a big butt and tiny waist” bandwagon… it is awful how girls are blindly imitating these public personas and losing their own identity!

  2. The only thing I admire about the Kardashian’s is their big booties, even though they’ve been altered to look that way, lol. There is nothing natural about their “beauty”. I think it’s crazy they make so much money off posting photos on social media sites. SMH.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Evelyn, I guess you could say that *I* am “breaking the mold.” I have no interest in looking like anyone but myself, and I don’t know one K-word from another (I don’t even like to type that name; they get enough press!). The only makeup I ever wear is mascara and lipstick, and I only wear that a couple times a week. Bit I know what you mean, why can’t people just be who they are. I’m very pale and have never done the spray-on tan. If I were very dark, I’d just go with that and not try to look lighter. And, while we’re on the subject, why do people watch television shows about people who are famous for being famous. It’s far more interesting to live my own life than to watch these people!

  4. I love to hate the Kardashians. I can’t help it. The pressure to grow a tank of an ass and sculpt my face with sharpie markers is just too much. All we can do is hope the next famous for being famous family is more down to earth? 😉


  5. I prefer natural beauty, without makeup. These days some women look like they have painted their faces, can’t even see behind the thick layer of foundation. Also whats the deal with getting the lips as big as possible. It seems each culture has their ideal look. In South Korea, most of the women get cosmetic surgery to get the same look. Walk down the street and its de ja vu every few minutes.

  6. The Kardashian topic is contagious. I guess it’s entertainment. Curves are great! It’s just a little overdone with that family lol. I hate that it has become a trend to aspire to look like that.
    Originality is so important.

    Thanks for linking up with #ShowMeYours
    Hope to be seeing you again next week! 🙂

  7. Crissie Woolard

    This is so funny. But so true. Sorry to say it but I think the Kardashian look is absolutely ridiculous. It is so fake and I’m becoming

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