Wearing Your Age With Subtle Grace

Age is not something any woman should have to hide. It’s courteous to not be asked your age by someone else but it’s not something anyone should be embarrassed about. We’re all going to age and instead of hiding from that fact, we should wear it as a badge of pride. We’ve grown up, had children and now it’s our turn to relax and find things we enjoy. Yet we are self-conscious about how we look and how we feel, and age has a lot to do with that. Obviously, you’re middle-aged and now you can’t wear things you used to when you were younger. So styles need to change but the aim of what we wear doesn’t have to. Our personalities can still shine through and leave no doubt to the people that meet you, that you are still young at heart. This takes a lot of positive thinking because how you approach your own wellbeing is how you will portray yourself to the outside world.



A clearer complexion


Rather than hiding wrinkles, they should be something that becomes a nonchalant part of your look. There’s a great way to inject back the youth you had into your skin, and it’s by changing your complexion. This is something we don’t think about anymore whereas, during the times when there wasn’t a lot of makeup products and culture around, we did. Basically, your complexion is the life in your skin, it’s the tone, shape, and health of your face. Little brown patches of pigment can start to appear on your face as you mature in age which is usually the cause of stress and a life of exposure to the sun. Melasma is common in people that are middle-aged, and there are a number of things you can do about it. A citrus rub is the most recommended, as it puts the tightness back into your skin and oxidizes the skin cells. Face masks and moisturizers should become a part of your daily skincare routine also. Vitamin E tablets are also something to consider as they rejuvenate the skin all over your body, especially where abnormal activity is taking place.


Loud and clear


It’s common to slowly begin to have hearing loss, but it’s not something that is drastic. In fact, the modern solutions are hardly noticeable, as technology has made them small, sleek and subtle. Here there are discount hearing aids that aren’t just made with modern technology but are aesthetically pleasing. They’re wireless so there’s no chance of being noticed with something hanging outside of your ear hole or perhaps over your ears. It also means you don’t have to carry around a device that needs to be tuned or have its batteries replaced. Get a plan that is pay-per-month only, so you don’t need to shell out a lump sum of cash. Modern hearing aids really need to be searched for on your person to be found. Most people won’t even know you’re wearing them which is great for your confidence and you don’t get treated like someone you’re not.


Don’t fight your age, learn to love yourself more. It’s a struggle that cannot be won but you can go with the flow and age how you want to, look how you want to, and most importantly feel like you’re still young.

Age is just a number.


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