Beauty Tips: How to Achieve the Natural Look

The key to achieving the perfect natural look is enhancing the features you have, rather than adding anything artificial. It’s a look you should master as it’s ideal for those days where you don’t have the time or energy to do your full makeup routine, plus if you allow it to become your usual daily routine you will see huge improvements in the condition of your skin, thanks to the cleanliness and fresh air you’re giving it.

The money you’d save on beauty products would also be significant. Saving your full makeup routine for a night on the town can also make it a more enjoyable process rather than an everyday chore.


Any makeup routine should start with skincare as this will help you to create the perfect canvas, but it’s even more important when it comes to creating a great natural look. Try to develop a daily skincare routine that you can fit easily into your schedule, and make sure you’re consistent as this is the key to healthy skin. Breakouts are not only caused by hormones and diet, but also by bacteria collecting on the skin.

Make sure you eat food that contains plenty of vitamins and try to cut out as much fatty food as possible. Avoid touching your face throughout the day as this can transfer any bacteria that might be on your hands. Wash any brushes and sponges you use on your face daily to avoid a build-up of dirt and remove all make-up before bed. Follow this with an anti-bacterial facewash to make doubly sure your face is clean.

Try to avoid using too many lotions and potions as the more you rub your face the more you will activate the sebaceous glands that cause spots. Your morning routine should include exfoliation to remove any dead skin, and a light moisturizer to nourish it back to health. Following these routines will ensure that you have soft, smooth and glowing skin. As an extra precaution, you can apply an SPF cream to protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun. It’s best to avoid concealers, foundations, powders, and any other kind of skin cover-up in order to achieve a natural look that maintains the health of your skin, but if you do get the odd pimple, use a light concealer in that area only, and blend well.

Eyelashes and Eyebrows

Your eyelashes and eyebrows are the only other facial features that can be enhanced to achieve a natural look. A great trick is to use an eyebrow and eyelash dye which lasts a few weeks, as this enhances them without adding anything new, and without the need for a daily application of make-up. Most dyes survive daily face washing and exfoliating too. If you want to go a step further, you could have your lashes permed, have lash extensions, or use a product that does both like Xlash for a more permanent lift without makeup.

Brows are all the rage right now, thick dark brows. You can achieve these by micro-blading or by using pencils, shadows, and custom stencils to give the illusion of thick brows. These options can be pricey but you can find a Thick and Full Brow Enhancing Serum discount online that makes brow enhancements a more affordable option.  

Alternatively, you can use a clear mascara to create an effortless curl to your lashes and to keep your eyebrows under control. Keeping your eyebrows in great shape by plucking, waxing, or threading is another great way to create a groomed but natural look.


Your hair is your crowning glory, and it deserves even more attention if you’ve taken a more subtle approach to your make up. As with your skin, making sure your hair is in great condition is the best way to make the most of it. Try to only wash your hair every other day as this helps it to regulate itself and you’ll find your hair becomes less damaged and less greasy as a result. Use plenty of conditioner but on the ends only, unless your hair is damaged in the root area too.

Try different shampoos designed for different things until you find one that leaves your hair feeling clean, lightweight, and shiny. If your hair is particularly dry, use a deep conditioning mask regularly, and if you suffer from greasy hair, try a spritz of dry shampoo to give it a bit more life. Brushing your hair thoroughly keeps it looking healthy and try not to use too many accessories as these have a habit of weakening or breaking your hair.


Looking after your skin and hair, and accentuating your eyebrows and eyelashes is the best way to create a natural look if that’s what you’d like. Avoid hiding or adding features, for example drawing on eyebrows and contouring, as it can look superficial no matter how well you’ve mastered the technique. A natural look is also a great way to avoid a make-up faux pas; read ‘Making Up for The Makeup Mistakes of Your Past’ to see why this is important.




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