Traveling To and From Philadelphia With Ease

Whether traveling to or from Philadelphia, you can enjoy a little bit of everything that the City of Brotherly Love offers. From historical sites and world-class museums to delicious food and lively nightlife, Philadelphia has something for everyone.

If you’re looking for things to do in Philadelphia, you won’t be disappointed. The city is home to some of the most iconic historical landmarks in the United States, including Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, and the Benjamin Franklin Museum. You can also explore Philly’s world-class museums, like the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Please Touch Museum.


Philadelphia Airports

PHL is the international airport serving Philadelphia and a central American Airlines hub. It is located in the northeastern city, about 7 miles from downtown.

ExpressNet offers high quality Philadelphia airport parking and easy access to your terminal. PHL offers non-stop service to more than 146 destinations on 16 airlines. The airport is also a gateway for passengers traveling to and from the United States Northeast Corridor.

In addition to American Airlines, PHL is also served by several other airlines, including Delta, United, Southwest, JetBlue, and Virgin America. The airport has seven terminals as well as 126 boarding gates.

PHL is also home to several restaurants, shops, and an art museum. The airport is accessible by car, train, and bus. Whether arriving or departing from Philadelphia, PHL is the airport for you. With its convenient location, ample parking, and various transportation options, PHL is the perfect choice for your travel needs.


Train Service to and From Philadelphia

The Amtrak train service offers several routes to and from Philadelphia, including the Keystone Service, the Northeast Regional service, and the Acela Express. The Keystone Service provides daily service between Philadelphia and Harrisburg, while the Northeast Regional connects Philly with New York City, Boston, and other cities along the Northeast Corridor. The Acela Express is Amtrak’s high-speed rail service between Washington D.C. and Boston, with stops in Philadelphia.

If you’re looking to travel by train to or from Philadelphia, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, all trains arriving at or departing from Philadelphia 30th Street Station require a ticket for boarding. Tickets can be purchased online or at the station on the day of travel. Secondly, Amtrak offers a variety of discounts for seniors, students, children, and military personnel. Finally, it’s important to note that all trains departing from Philadelphia require passengers to undergo security screening before boarding.


Driving in Philadelphia

If you live in the Eastern United States and love to travel by car. Then there are many advantages to driving to Philadelphia.  Whether you take a major Interstate like I95 or if you take US Route1 or the Scenic Lincoln highway there are a lot of great things to see along the way.

Just make sure that once you are in the city you know and abide by the traffic rules.  Philadelphia has many confusing parking rules overseen by the Philadelphia Parking Authority, not following these rules can result in your car being towed and impounded.  This happens so much that a reality show Parking Wars was created all about the Parking Authority.



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