#ThursdayDoors A Door Worth Saving EclecticEvelyn.com

#ThursdayDoors – A Door Worth Saving

#ThursdayDoors A Door Worth Saving EclecticEvelyn.com


I came across this house while traveling through Ohio on my way to Detroit. I’m not sure of the exact location, probably somewhere along Route 23. What captured my attention was the door. The house was entirely gutted for restoration and the only thing left intact was the door. The owners of this house saw the strength and beauty in this door and choose to save it instead of heaping it on the discard pile with the windows. I decided that such a door needed to be remembered so I snapped a picture.

This is my entry for this weeks #ThursdayDoors over at Norm 2.0 check it out and join the fun and add you link.

8 thoughts on “#ThursdayDoors – A Door Worth Saving”

    1. Thanks for visiting. I loved your post on the Tobacco Barn. I had a friend who worked one year as a farmhand picking tobacco on a farm. It is hard work.

    1. I am in Detroit often for my job and to visit friends who live there. I have come to love the people who live in Detroit and the city itself. There is a resilience and beauty I find in Detroit among the ruins of the industrial revolution.

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