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Just a Door #ThursdayDoors

Just a Door EclecticEvelyn.com


I debated about putting this picture up for my Thursday Doors post.  It is after all just a door.  Nothing spectacular or historic or even architecturally interesting about this door, but there is something interesting about this picture. The angle, the beauty of the flowers with the padlocked door open just a crack but not enough to see inside.

I took this photo weeks ago and have been thinking about posting it since, but I could not decide if it was worthy of being a Thursday Door post.  What makes a door worthy, is it the style or is it the history or is it the fact that it is a closed door with secrets behind that may never be revealed?  This week, I’m going with secrets.

This door is on the side of an old locked up grocery store a few blocks from my house. It is located right next to the most haunted dentist office in the United States. The grocery has been closed down for decades.  The windows are covered in black trash bags some ripped to reveal a pickers paradise inside.  At the rear of the building, there is an apartment with a garden and several birdfeeders. You never see anyone enter or leave the store or the apartment, but a fresh coat of paint has appeared on the building every few years.

Here is a picture of the front of the building from Google maps with Dr. Grimes office beside it.

Just a Door EclecticEvelyn.com


Here is a picture of one of the windows where the trash bags have ripped.  As you can see it has been repainted in recent years.

Just a Door EclecticEvelyn.com


Here is the rear of the building with the garden and apartment.

Just a Door EclecticEvelyn.com



This is my entry for this weeks #ThursdayDoors over at Norm 2.0 check it out and join the fun and add your link.

9 thoughts on “Just a Door #ThursdayDoors”

  1. Perfect photos to build a mystery. Thanks for showing us the rest of the building. That padlocked door says a lot about once closed no one gets in or importantly out of the store.

  2. Welcome to Thursday Doors! This is perfect. I can’t speak for Norm, but he has said that it can be any kind of door, and you’re right, this one is more about the photo (which is excellent!)

    I hope yo continue to play 🙂

    1. Thank you. I just really loved the way the photo turned out. I am always pleasantly surprised when I get a really great one.

  3. Sometimes it can be the photograph itself and not always about how impressive or well decorated the door is. This is a good example of that.
    I love that about the first shot: it’s taken from an unusual angle and immediately gets the viewers attention. Good one, thanks for sharing it 🙂

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