Taking Care Of Your Hearing

Really taking care of your hearing should start at a young age. But it is only as we get older that we truly understand how precious things like hearing and sight are. Most of the time, it is only when someone realizes that they are experiencing hearing issues, the damage has been done. There is no cure for permanent hearing loss, but you can get a hearing aid, which will run on hearing aid batteries, to help you have some hearing support. 

However, it is never too late to begin to take care of your hearing. 


If you are a lover of listening to music loudly, through your headphones while you are working or just for fun… then you might have to change that habit. Listening to music via headphones for long periods of time can be one of the key causes of noise-related hearing loss. Try to stick by the rule of 60/60. Only listen to music through your headphones for 60 minutes at a maximum of 60% volume. 



Rest Your Ears

If you are often attending festivals, concerts, auto shows, or other loud places, then you have to give your ears time to rest. On average, 8-16 hours of quiet is needed to help your ears recover from loud noise exposure. 

Check Levels

If you spend your working hours in a noisy environment, it might be time to see just how noisy it is. You can get an SPL measurement app for your smartphone. The sound pressure level measuring app will be able to give you more detailed information about the sound levels.  This means that you can make sure that your employer is providing the right hearing protection or that you can purchase the right ones. 


If you enjoy swimming, or a long bath with your head part-way submerged – then you need to be extra vigilant. While water can enter the ear canal pretty quickly, it isn’t always easy to get it back out again. If you often swim, it is worth investing in some fitted swimmer’s earplugs. 


If you have trouble getting the water out of your ear, ensure the rest of your ear is dry, and tip your head to the side. If that doesn’t work after a few minutes, gently pull down on your earlobe, and that should open up the canal a little more. 




The moment you have a blocked ear, pain, or any signs of infection, go straight to your doctor. Untreated ear infections can be a cause of hearing loss. You can also talk to your doctor about any medications you take. Some medicines are known as ototoxic medicines and can have an impact on the nerves in your ears. In general, it is worth getting a hearing test every 6 months to make sure that you catch any issues nice and early. 


It is never too late to change the way you treat your ears. Taking care of your hearing is essential, and the tips above can help you. 


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  1. I wish I had taken this advice sooner. I’m pretty sure I don’t hear like I used to. Thanks for posting!

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