Renovating Your Home For Life Milestones


In any investment or pursuit, the results are often appreciated more thoroughly when they feel part of something, such as a celebration. There’s a reason why cake tastes so much better on your birthday, for instance. It’s important that you celebrate milestones in life if that’s something you enjoy doing because it can also help you remember them, and to mark them in a healthy, wholesome manner.


In fact, renovating your home can serve as a beautiful life milestone should you let it. Many people, in the interest of saving money and not ruining the household they have spent so long getting right, may stave off this desire for many years. But it could be that as you enter your golden years, enjoying the perfect home design you have wanted for so long, and to make use of your empty space could be the best justification for doing so if there were any.


Any residential home remodeler worth their salt will be nothing but excited to work with you on this project, and so it’s worth thinking through what these possibilities could look like. Let us help you with that approach:


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A Beautiful Addition


A beautiful addition to the home can help you finally put ‘your mark’ on your mortgaged property, giving you the chance to flex some of your design muscle. Perhaps you’re interested in a beautiful conservatory, or you hope to change the empty nest room into a small gallery helping you express the beauty of your collection. We would recommend you indulge some of your most interesting desires through this decision because we all deserve to have our most authentic desires expressed through our living situation, especially when serving as a life milestone.

Building an addition to increase living space such as a 3 season room or enlarging your kitchen to increase space for your growing family.



Long Term Investments


The long term investments you curate may pay off when it comes time to sell the home, or when making a change in your living circumstances. For instance, gutting the driveway and having it replaced to increase the curb appeal of your home, reinstalling beautiful window frames or installing a porch arch may expand the value of your household in no small measure. Then, when it comes to selling to transfers to your rental property, you may have even more financial backing than you thought possible. This illustrates why it’s important to look at your current needs and the needs of the future in equal measure.

Adding a bedroom, garage, or study is a great investment.  You may also look into adding a mother-in-law suite or an ohana to add some separate space for a family member or adding a rental unit to your existing property.  These additions increase the resale value of your home.



Landscaping Your Garden


Landscaping your garden can be a great project to consider because it opens up your creative gardening possibilities to no uncertain degree. Perhaps you hope to curate a vegetable patch this upcoming Spring, spending time in nature in the renewed warmth. This might give you something to be proud of when presenting your vegetables at a local show in the summer. Landscaping can also help you apply certain milestones you have wanted for some time, such as a beautiful pond or water feature. To that end, we can feel our home is ‘complete’ more than ever before.

Landscaping can include adding outdoor living space such as a patio or an outdoor kitchen.  Maybe just a little seating area with a fire pit to relax on chilly evenings. You could even add a swimming pool or outdoor hot tub for entertaining.

What advice would you give someone renovating their home for a life milestone?

What would you change about your own home?

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  1. Sandy Klocinski

    I am a big believer in homes. And in the power of a home. I believe you should create a home that fills you with positive energy

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