Information Overload – #SOCS Poem

The Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “information.” My contribution this week is a Stream of Consciousness poem. I usually spend hours and days working on a poem before I send it out into the world but today I am sending it out as it is no editing except for spelling.  It is what it is, These stream of consciousness exercises are helping me grow as a writer but aiding me in letting go.


Information overload

Information coming in
From all directions
Duck and cover
Hide your face
Your eyes
Your ears
Your information
Shared with the world
Shared with the universe
Beamed into space
On a satellite
That orbits your head
In the clouds
Trying to escape
From the information
bombarding your brain
Information without knowledge
without comprehension
without teaching
The tragedy of modern life
Information but no one is informed
Mind control begins



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5 thoughts on “Information Overload – #SOCS Poem”

  1. This poem needs no editing, it’s terrific. This is the first I’ve heard of a Stream of Consciousness poem, and I really like it and will be doing research on it. Thank you for sharing your mind with us.

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