Is It Worth It?


I feel myself slipping into a depression.

Should I fight it or let myself slide.

I do my best writing in a depression

Connected to my emotions in that melancholy way

I delve deep within

find the pieces of poetry that really touch the soul

Is it worth the depths of despair?

To find a word

Claim a phrase

Don’t dive too deep that you can’t find the light.

Try to resurface from the malaise

Try not to get tangled in the memories

That try to hold me tight in the depths

The memories that reach out and grab in the night

The ones that grope and feel with rough hard fingers

Grabbing at my soul demanding I remember

I dodge and dart looking for the light

Afraid that if I let them capture me

I will be lost forever in the depths of darkness

Never to resurface from the abyss of eternal night.



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