vinage advertisement for palmolive

Hope in a Jar



Retinol in the morning and placenta cream at night.

Wash your face in cold water it will tighten your pores.

We will do anything to save face.


My entire life I was told do not under any circumstance put soap on your face. It will dry out your skin and make you age faster.

It seems to me that gravity is the culprit here not soap or warm water. It seems that gravity is pulling my face down and causing sagging and wrinkles more than anything else.


Maybe I should have been told to walk on my hands as much as possible and that would have counteracted it.


Now I’m just looking for some Hope in a jar.

3 thoughts on “Hope in a Jar”

  1. Too funny, Evelyn! Maybe just stand on your head for an hour before a special occasion! Hope in a Jar is a perfect name for a skincare product. But I think one of the best things one can do is limit sugar intake. From what I’ve read by MDs on the subject, sugar causes glycation and aging of the skin. So I limit my sugar (but also look for great products!).

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