quote by Evelyn Dortch

Finding Self in Love

You enter into the room
and I am at once lost and found
I am you and you are me and we are one
but we are nothing and everything at once
we are whole united


In romantic love we are always searching for that feeling. That initial feeling of falling in love, deep, passionate love. The kind of love in which you lose yourself and find yourself all at once. Romantic love is fleeting and so we become disillusioned. We move on to another lover or we accept that love is fleeting and we settle for what we think is right. We are always searching, never satisfied, always looking for that lover that will fulfill us. That lover that will make us whole. That one person that will unite us with our own soul, consume us and make us reborn. We spend our entire lives longing, searching for a soul mate, a lover, a person to make us whole but one person can not make us whole. What we are really searching for is not a person but Source, Goddess, God, it does not matter what language you prefer to use. We will not find what we are searching for as long as we look outside ourselves. Romantic love can never fill the void or stop the longing,that need to be united, returned to the source of infinite love,reunited with the infinite Self.

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