The Hunger #SOCS

She could feel the hunger in her as she looked through the window. There he sat with his date, a woman well past her prime with blonde hair that can only come from a bottle. She was not jealous if anything she felt sorry for the woman. She knew what was coming. Maybe not tonight but it would happen. Like the sunrise, he burns gloriously for a moment before becoming too hard on the eyes.
Her stomach was growling as she watched him touch the woman’s hand across the table. She had not eaten in a few days, but that didn’t matter. Being hungry was the price she paid for learning one of life’s great lessons. For every sunrise, there is a dark night.
She stood there a few moments more watching as the waiter refilled the wine glasses. The woman was laughing and gently toying with a diamond necklace at her throat, the candlelight glinting off the large sapphire ring on her finger. She had once had beautiful jewelry, a house, a car, a life, then she met him.
It was time, she reached into her bag and touched the gun. She smiled as a family walked by on the sidewalk. Turning toward them, hand grasping the gun she walked slowly toward the corner. Under the streetlight, a taxi pulled up.

The prompt for today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “date.”

5 thoughts on “The Hunger #SOCS”

  1. She will have her revenge. At first I thought she was a vampire. This short passage gives a good view of what has been going on and is about to happen.

    1. I may turn it into a short story. It just came to me from the prompt I was given for that day. I am interested to see what happens next too 🙂

  2. Wow, this little tidbit leaves me wanting more! Bravo on the storyline and now you have caught me in you lair lol

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