4 Tips for Taking Care of Your Dog

Having a dog in your home is a heart-warming and enjoyable experience, but it is also a lot of responsibility. When you own any sort of pet, you are responsible for their well-being and you must ensure that they have access to everything they need. Being there to provide for your pet’s physical and emotional needs is essential, and is the key to a happy and healthy dog. From clean drinking water to nutritious food like Dr. Marty Nature’s Blend,  to shelter and affection, the list of their needs can be endless.

Do some research on how to best meet your dog’s needs. Talk to friends who own pets, consult your local veterinarian, look online, or check out Modern Dog Magazine for tips on keeping yur dog happy and healthy.  It is important that you are consistent when it comes to providing your dog with everything it requires.  So, whether you are a new dog owner, or want to improve the quality of care that your dog is receiving, here are four tips on how to take care of your dog.



Provide the Right Food

Most dog owners make the mistake of assuming that all dogs eat the same food. However, it is important that you experiment with the different types of dog foods that are out there. Just like humans, dogs can be allergic or sensitive to certain food groups. You should provide high-quality dog food that has real meat products for ingredients, rather than a meat by-product or a type of grain, as this is a good indicator of dog food that is high in protein. A good choice would be raw dog food which you can find from suppliers like Natures Menu, as it provides nutritious and real ingredients for your pets. This family-run business has been flying the flag for real food for real dogs for over 35 years and states that it is the perfect food for your dog’s growth and development.

And, if you think that feeding your dog top-quality food is unattainable due to how much more this can cost, it’s well worth knowing that there are often deals to be had online so that you can get the food and have your dog try it. If they don’t like it, at least you will know that you haven’t spent a ton of money on it. If you are looking for, say, an Ultimate Pet Nutrition deal, it is relatively easy to find coupons on the internet that you will be able to use when shopping online for freeze-dried raw food or supplements from this particular brand.

Remember dogs can eat some “people food” but some people foods can be extremely dangerous.  Make sure you know the difference.  If your dog is having nutritional problems you can consult your veterinarian who is an excellent source of information on the proper feeding of your specific breed of dog.

Keep Them Hydrated

Keeping your dog hydrated and providing them with regular clean water is essential for your dog to survive. Your dog always needs to have access to water and shouldn’t have to rely on you being there to be able to get the water they need. You should also ensure that your dog has access to water when you go out, so keep a dog bowl and some fresh water in your car.


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Regularly Visit the Vet

You shouldn’t just go to the vet when your dog seems under the weather and should instead regularly attend veterinary appointments. It is important that you have a reliable and knowledgeable vet, so do some research online and look at reviews on the best vets in your local area.

In addition to regular veterinary care keep a first aid kit on hand and know how to help your dog if they are in pain.


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Get Pet Insurance

If you worry about getting a hefty vet bill and are unsure how you would pay it, then you should consider taking out a pet insurance policy for your dog. By paying the monthly premiums, you can rest assured that any treatment your dog needs will be covered by the insurance policy. However, make sure you read the small print and know exactly what your policy covers.



By following these helpful tips and being aware of all your dog’s needs, you can have a healthy and happy dog as your canine companion.


What are your pet parent tips?


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  1. We just inherited our cousins dog. We are trying to get into the swing of things. Our beloved Jasper died and I haven’t been able to get another dog until now. We also have a cat. She got along well with Jasper, but we are having a problem with them now. We have the food that Lynn gave him, but I don’t think it is doing his teeth any good. It is wet dog food. We are going to take him to the vet. I am a firm believer in giving my pets fresh water every day. I’ll be back for more of your tips. Thank you!

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