11 Crucial Items Every Dog First Aid Kit Should Have

Impossible to predict and extremely unfortunate, emergencies happen at any hour. One could be on a routine walk, at the dog park, checking out a new city or simply visiting a friend when the unfortunate strikes. Pets are important. Be prepared for an emergency with a proper first aid kit.

Putting the right items in a travel bag can make all the difference in treating your dog if the unfortunate arrives. Being able to personalize it to your dog specific needs is important. Don’t hesitate to take this travel-ready bag with you wherever you and your pet journey.


  1. Paperwork Matters

Your vet may have all paperwork ready and on file, but you never know where you’ll be when an emergency strikes. You may have to go to an emergency vet that is different from your normal facility. Simply having a folder of pertinent medical records, vaccination records, prescriptions, and any other documents can help the emergency clinic in care for your dog.

Phone numbers are important in a time of emergency. You may not have every emergency vet readily available, but you can have a list of emergency phone numbers ready to respond quickly during the time of need.

It’s difficult to scramble for the right documents when the anxiety of having a hurt pet occurs. You don’t want to be stuck making phone calls trying to get medical information as your pet is in pain. Make it easy by having the folder in your readymade bag wherever you venture to. This way you can have phone numbers and important documents to properly respond.


  1. Hydrogen Peroxide

People are used to using this to clean cuts and other minor wounds. They may not realize that it can be a lifesaver if your dog eats something toxic by inducing vomiting. You don’t want to exacerbate the situation by giving the wrong amount of hydrogen peroxide. This is just another question to ask your vet long before an emergency arises. One may never know when it can be useful–know how to properly induce vomiting if it can save your beloved dog.


  1. First Aid Manual Specifically For Canines

It’s hard to react in certain situations where first aid can make a difference. Manuals like these will explain how to give CPR to your dog and other extremely useful information. This manual is handy. Look through it and familiarize yourself with situations. What if your dog is choking? These books won’t take up much space in your bag and can make all the difference in direction.



  1. Have The Bandages Ready

Non-stick bandages, gauze, and adhesive tape are essential for a first aid kit. Controlling bleeding and protecting a wound while you transport your dog to an emergency veterinarian clinic is vital. The bandages you purchase must be made specifically for pets. Don’t try to cut corners by stashing those made for humans into your bag. Gauze can be useful in all sorts of ways: a makeshift muzzle or even a brace.


  1. Have Food And Water Ready

It may seem like an afterthought to pack food, but it certainly is necessary. You never know when you’ll need extra food on the road. Food can always be a happy distraction. Things that will make your dog feel happier during an emergency will certainly help. Regular dog food and treats are a massive motivator and distractor. Always have these tasty snacks on the ready.

There are collapsible water and food bowls available that won’t take up much space in your pack, yet will prove very useful while on the go. Water is essential for your dog. Have water ready for a hike, road trip or even a trip to the local dog park. Food and water should always be available.



  1. Antibiotic Ointment

You can’t go wrong with antibiotic ointment. Think of all the objects that could cause a laceration during everyday activities: glass on the sidewalk, a sharp rock, twig and plenty of other items. The antibiotic ointment helps to prevent and reduce the risk of infection. Wipes are nice for cleaning wounds. Distract your dog with a treat while cleaning a cut.


  1. Medications

Your dog may or not be prescribed on medications. Have a back-up supply ready in the kit if they are indeed prescribed. Ask your vet for advice on any other useful medications in an emergency. They’ll be able to offer plenty of tips and solutions to your concerns. It can be stressful while traveling to realize that you forgot your dog’s medication. You want to be consistent as your pet’s needs demand it. Having a back-up supply in your first aid kit will keep the anxiety level low and your dog happy.

  1. A Blanket And Towel

Blankets and towels are not only practical items, but they can also be used as creature comforts in a time of stress and anxiety. Make sure the material is fit to last and comfortable for your dog to rest on.


  1. Have An Extra Leash And Collar Ready

These things can get lost or break while away. How will you react if you are left without one of these items? It would be a perfect world if we lived in a place where dogs can safely roam free wherever they please. This pipedream of dogs galivanting around without a leash isn’t a reality for most of our furry friends. Don’t get caught without a collar or leash.


  1. A Familiar Toy

Any creature comfort will work. Helping your dog feel calm during a stressful situation is the goal of any responsible owner. This may be a toy to chew on or another item that makes them feel at ease.


  1. Flashlight

Just because you own a smartphone with flashlight capabilities doesn’t mean you will want to refrain from packing a flashlight in your first aid kit. Being left in the dark is an unnerving situation. Don’t risk it by eagerly packing a flashlight in the bag.



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