You Need Veterinarian Recommended Supplies when Adopting a Pet


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Adopting a pet from an animal shelter or pet rescue is one of the most rewarding things you can do. Not only are you saving the life of an animal you are changing your life forever. There are so many dogs, cats, rabbits, and even horses that are looking for a loving home that you will be sure to find the perfect companion. I have adopted cats and dogs from shelters and rescues that have become a genuine part of my family.  These pets often just need the right family to be happy and healthy.





[click_to_tweet tweet=”#AdoptDontShop Older dogs and cats make the best pets because they are often already trained. Black animals are the least likely to be adopted and often the first to be put down regardless of their age.  ” quote=”When you are looking to adopt don’t overlook the older animals or the black cats and dogs. Older dogs and cats make the best pets because they are often already trained. Black animals are the least likely to be adopted and often the first to be put down regardless of their age. ” theme=”style3″]


You Need Veterinarian Recommended Supplies when Adopting a Pet


There are some basic supplies you will need prior to bringing home your new cat or dog. It is best to buy veterinarian-approved pet products to ensure integrity and safety for your new family member.

Dog Supplies

Dogs will need a bed, bowls, a leash and harness or collar, and the appropriate food. When choosing your dog’s food, remember to buy food that is formulated for the breed and size of your particular dog. Look for food that is grain free and high protein. Consult with your vet to find the best food for your new dog. A dog will also need grooming supplies like nail clippers, brushes, combs, shampoo and trimmers. If you do not feel comfortable clipping your dog’s nails or fur you can find an experienced groomer. If you do is going to be outside, you will need to make sure there is a safe space for running and playing as well as an outside water supply and a dog house. You may want to invest in a fence, kennel, or an invisible fence to keep your dog safe.

It is helpful to also have a number of dog toys to prevent chewing on other objects like furniture legs. Dogs get bored easily, and if there is not an appropriate chew toy nearby they will often resort to chewing whatever is available. Get toys that you and your dog can play together. Common dog favorites are tug-a-war toys, squeaky chew toys, balls, and a frisbee to name a few. Plan to take your dog outside every day for a walk or playtime with a family member. If your dog is a toy breed, consider purchasing small dog coats and clothing for cold weather wear. Puppies will need training pads and supplies also.



Cat Supplies

Cats will also need the appropriate food, dishes, a collar made for cats, litter box and litter, grooming supplies for long-haired cat breeds, comfy cat bed if desired, a travel crate for vet trips, scratching post to limit scratching up the furniture and fun cat toys. These toys should be safe for cats and can include balls, tiny mice, squeaky play toys and catnip for special limited occasions. If you keep your cat indoors, you will need to get a cat tree to keep them occupied. My cats love it and it gives them a chance to get away from my dogs.

Safety Supplies

Both cats and dogs should have identification on them. This could be a tag on the collar or a microchip that a vet can implant. Baby gates or other enclosure are also recommended if there are areas where the pet won’t be allowed. You should also have a pet first aid kit with common medical items for emergencies.

You can buy pet products online from a reputable, vet approved, pet supply retailer. Purchasing pet products online is generally much cheaper and more convenient. Everything can be shipped right to your home, eliminating the need for multiple shopping trips. Find a pet supply store with veterinarian endorsement for the best product selections.



Remember the most important thing is to love your pet.

Spend time getting to know them and you will see how much your rescue will really rescue you.


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  1. Evelyn, great tips! And I so agree with you about adopting older pets from shelters. But I had no idea that black animals are less likely to be adopted. They are so beautiful.

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