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February 21
Narcissistic Views EclecticEvelyn,com

When this poem first came to me, I thought it was about a prior relationship. The more I looked at this poem and worked with it to get it exactly the way I wanted it to be, I realized it was about so much more.



I look into my eyes.
I am lost deep in the blue,
Suffocating in your reflection
I struggle for air
There is no space for me,
only you.

You only look into my eyes to see your own reflection.
Consumed with yourself
Leaving no room for me
You fill my periphery.
In my eyes, there is only your reflection.



What do you think it is about? Let me know.

Fabulous at 50 living and writing in Appalachia

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  1. You are the author of this poem? Wow. You’are really talented. I can’t do anything like this. Great one! One like for it.

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