What I Liked in July

What I liked in July


Last updated on November 3rd, 2021

Hello, August! It’s time to share my favorites from Instagram for July. It’s is hard to pick just a few so, for July I focused more on the photograph than on the subject. These are spectacular photographs that remind you of something you would see in a book, magazine, or a museum.

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I don’t usually share more than one photo from an account but this photographer is amazing and most of his photos are taken in West Virginia. If you like beautiful photography and interesting portraits this guy is the one you want to follow.

PicMonkey Photo editing made of win


Which one is your favorite?

Let me know in the comments.



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  1. The stained glass with the large leaf just in front of it is pretty cool. But being a traveler, I’m going with the floating markets! It’s a great shot! There are some really talented photographers out there! 🙂

  2. Wow these are amazing pictures! I love how Instagram can connect us to people around the world and how we can see it through their eyes. I love photography and all of these are absolutely attention grabbing. I can see why these are your favorites from last month!

  3. I love this monthly round up that you’ve done it’s a great way of discovering new IG accounts for ourselves to enjoy. Some of the photos are absolutely stunning so I can see why you’d choose them, enjoy finding more good stuff this month!

  4. Afroz Shaikh says:

    wow!! All the pictures are so good, to pick one was so difficult.
    But i really loved, Portrait of an elderly Turkana woman.
    It have so much character in it..

  5. My favorites are the lady and her bass and the Peace Bridge in Calgary. All of them are very good photos though.

  6. I haven’t come across any of these photographers, but their work is amazing. My fave would be the dog on the surfboard. It’s so cute!

  7. Wow, you found some amazing accounts. I am torn because I love so many. The wet dog wins for cuteness, but some of the others are spectacular.

  8. How do you pick just one photo? They are all unique in their own way. I’ve been to the covered bridge that was photographed in Calgary. I’ve always been impressed by its design.

  9. Those are all great photos! I especially like black & white portraits, and the dog on the surf board. Really cool.

  10. Nicole V says:

    These photos are amazing! I was trying to pick my favorite but it’s impossible! They’re all absolutely remarkable!

  11. These are all magnificent photos. I’d probably choose all of these too! I wished I was this talented with my camera.

  12. Nicole Flint says:

    The Times Square shot was my favorite! All of the Instagram posts you have chosen for the month are great shots!

    1. That is a really great one isn’t it.

  13. My favorites out of your favourites are @cliffotdgwinnphotography’s All about that bass and @mamamickyerry’s trail photo!

  14. My favorites out of your favourites are @cliffotdgwinnphotography’s All about that bass and @mamamickyerry’s trail photo! Those are the two that evoke the most emotions when I first see them!

  15. Stunning photos and thank you for sharing with us at #overthemoon link party. I loved the one of the lady with the bass. Have a good week.

    1. Thank you. I love beautiful photos so each month I do this as a round up to feature the photos I found on Instagram. It also helps people discover accounts to follow for amazing photos.

  16. Tiffany Hook says:

    Love the pictures Thanks for sharing

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