How To Best Fill Your Time Once You Exceed 50

You’ve spent years looking after others, the children are now all grown and self-sufficient, you’ve now got all this time and energy available but are unsure how best to use it. This may make you feel anxious or excited about this new chapter or even unsure where to start to fill this time void. In those previous years, it was easy to focus on everyone else and let your passions slide. 


But, don’t worry, here is a list of enjoyable ways to pass that pass the time and will help you find your individual passions again.


Invest In Your Self Care

Now is the time to focus again on you! You’ve spent years waking up and tackling the day head-on and running around after your family. Now it is time to slow down and consider you prioritize what it is you want to do today. Think of this as a time to self-reflect and really get to know you again. Knowing you is the first step to self-care. 

There are no set ‘tasks’ to be complete when considering self-care. It is about providing insight into yourself and allowing you to become the best version of yourself, this will help reduce any stress you may have and focus on your own self well-being. 

Self-care can be broken into categories – physical, physiological, emotional, social, spiritual, financial, professional, and environmental. To maximize the benefit from building self-care into your routine it is worth attempting to build aspects from each category into your life going forward. 


Exercise And Physical Care

It is worth considering making regular exercise part of your weekly routine. Although this may seem daunting if this is new to your routine, it is something that will boost your endorphins and support other health benefits. It has been proven that completing exercise can improve your cognitive function and memory, it can improve your mental health and give you an internal feeling of happiness. It also carries physical benefits such as reducing blood sugars and reducing the chances of developing heart disease. 

Exercising can also become a social aspect and manifest into an enjoyable hobby and lifestyle change. It is definitely looking to clubs or classes you can join as well as considering steelsuppsusa as a way to boost the nutrients and vitamins within the body. 


Start A Business

Now, is a great time to take that leap that starts that business venture you’ve always wanted to accomplish. You’ve now got the time, decades of dreams, and plans to build on. The kids are grown and don’t need you 24/7 anymore, your debts are cleared or reduced and you’ve got more financial freedom now to back this dream. 

Although starting any business takes work, it’s time to consider this as a labor of love. You don’t necessarily have to do this full-time, you could just consider this as a part-time opportunity to earn from what you love. 


Plan your Future

Dig out your bucket list, or alternatively start one. Now is all about you. Find that creative side and dig deep to unlock those big dreams you’ve been holding on to. 

Write down those activities or dreams that you want to accomplish. It could be reading certain books, taking a dream holiday, sky diving, snorkeling, your options are endless. 

By making a physical list you are then inspiring your everyday self to strive to make them happen by holding yourself accountable to these dreams. 



This is achievable for all budgets. Consider this as an opportunity to see all around you. It will give you the adventure to look forward to, whether this is traveling further afield or finding out about the hidden gems in your local area. 

Embrace being a tourist, go to never-before-seen places, eat at new restaurants, visit museums and landmarks. The internet and books will be able to give you an abundant variety of options to keep you busy. 


Learn Or Try Something New

Do you want to learn to paint, play an instrument, learn to cook, learn a language? Previously you may have found time or family took priority but now circumstances are different. 

Whilst you have the time now offers the perfect opportunity. You find this daunting as an unknown, but it does wonders pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones. By pushing past these fears you’ve given yourself the gift to expand your mind and learn. You can either look to learn at home or consider classes. 

However, you choose to learn taking on a new hobby usually allows social opportunities to follow. 


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