Top 5 Tips for Using Tinted Moisturizers

A lot of you are likely to think why use any other product when I have my trusty foundation that gives me good coverage! While you are not entirely wrong, you may want to read ahead to get an insight into tinted moisturizers and their benefits.

As the name tinted moisturizer suggests, this is a moisturizer that contains tint in it. The tint helps you select the shade closest to your skin complexion. And the moisturizer helps ensure that your skin stays hydrated. Foundation may sometimes wind up looking cakey on the skin if not applied properly. With a tinted moisturizer, you will never face this problem as it is lighter in comparison to a foundation and gives you the same great finish and also enhances your natural look.

Let’s go over the top five tips on how to select and use a tinted moisturizer.



Tinted moisturizer is a water-based product that also contains moisturizing agents, some amount of pigment and oil. It is best to select one that suits your skin type. For instance, if you have oily skin, then choosing a formula that is oil-free makes sense. If you are purchasing the tinted moisturizer at a retail store, you can apply a swatch on your hand to see which shade suits best.

Sun protection

Besides simplifying your daily skincare regime, some tinted moisturizers can also offer sun protection. Look for a tinted moisturizer that includes SPF so you don’t have to worry about skin aging due to sun exposure. Besides, you won’t need to apply additional sunscreen since your tinted moisturizer already provides sun protection.


Avoid using a brush for application

An excellent tinted moisturizer is a lotion that keeps your skin hydrated at all times when you are wearing it. In order to apply it onto the face, take a small quantity of it on your palm. With the help of your fingertips apply small dots of the moisturizer on your face. Once you have used all the moisturizer from your palm, begin working it into your skin from the center of your face and then outwards. You will want to do this gently using your fingertips and applying minimal pressure. Using a brush for application may not give you the even look that you are aiming for.



Finishing touch

Once you have blended the tinted moisturizer into your skin, check for any visible blemishes and spots that are still standing out. You may want to apply a bit more on these spots and blemishes and blend them into your skin. If you feel that the tinted moisturizer isn’t able to cover some tricky spots and dark circles, you can apply a concealer that provides a smooth finish.


Dos and don’ts

Avoid using a setting powder to finish the look. The point of using a tinted moisturizer is to keep your look as close to natural as possible. However, if you want that dewy look it would be a great idea to opt for a setting spray. Using a setting spray will provide extra hydration and leave you looking fresh for longer.


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