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Gathering all the Scattered Pieces to Find Peace

Today’s prompt is piece/peace. All the little pieces of my life that make me crave peace.

There are so many pieces of me scattered about that it is hard for me to find the peace that I seek everyday. There is the piece that resides with all four of my children, the pieces that my friends and family have, and the pieces that are work and obligations. That leaves only the tiniest piece left for me. I have found that as I am entering middle age and my priorities are changing, I am starting to gather those pieces back up and redivide them, keeping the largest piece for my self. This is how I am finding peace in my life among the pieces. By allowing myself to be selfish and think about me first it is allowing me to find inner peace with all the outer chaos that has always been my life. By prioritizing my wants and needs that have for so long been on the back burner, I am discovering myself. I am rediscovering that little girl that was lost so long ago amongst her dreams that were thrown to the side in exchange for being an adult or at least what I thought being an adult was.

It is very important for women to remember to keep the largest piece for themselves because if you are not loved and cared for then you can not care for everyone else in your life. As women we are taught to forget that, we are taught that we should care for our mates, our children, our parents sacrificing ourselves to meet the needs of others. This is a “good” mother to sacrifice yourself for your children, but if you are gone who will care for your children. We have to keep that in our minds. Yes, we sacrifice for our children, for our families, for our friends but not to the detriment of our own souls. If we are to ever find peace, we have to love ourselves first, care for our needs first, and be grateful for all our blessings before we can ever be a true blessing to others.

Finding peace and gathering all the pieces together is a journey but all of life is a journey. We have to be willing to place that first step with purpose and desire so that that journey is fulfilling and will lead us to the peace we seek. That peace that is inside ourselves if we can gather enough of our scattered pieces together to discover ourselves we will find what we seek. We will have that little place, that piece of ourselves where peace dwells.
OK getting a little rambly but that is what stream of consciousness is all about. It is about letting your mind flow and your hands follow. The hard piece about writing this post on Stream of Consciousness Saturday is not editing it. Letting go of that need for perfectionism and finding peace in the rambling thoughts as they flow onto the page. There is a freedom in letting go. A peace that comes from opening your thoughts for the world to view. All the many pieces and fragments of thought flowing from the chaos onto the page. Peace.


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7 thoughts on “Gathering all the Scattered Pieces to Find Peace”

  1. Very true. Life is always compartmentalized and portioned. Finding some kind of balance can seem nearly impossible! Saving a chunk of something for yourself is definitely important, and in truth while it may feel “selfish”, its actually to the benefit of everyone around you, who gets to enjoy a happier more complete you 🙂 So next time you squirrel away some peace for yourself, you can confidently tell everyone else, “Your welcome!”

  2. I definitely empathize. I’ve been recovering from an illness for quite a while and I feel like I’m in scattered pieces and definitely not finding the peace I want. Oh, well, I’m working on it.

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