Fill Your Nest with Puppies


The day your last child leaves home is never pleasant. You’re kissing goodbye to a massive chapter of your life. You won’t see them every day, or be able to cook for them any time you fancy. In many ways, this spells the end of the caregiver aspect of your motherhood. As such, you can bet there’ll be plenty of tears and on the day.

Though you might enjoy a quiet house for a few days, you may soon start wondering how you can fill the silence. We all have different ways of doing this, but one common option is to get a dog. What better way to busy yourself than by taking care of something new? The only trouble is, this means going from looking after adult children to caring for what equates to a toddler. That’s a big commitment to take on in your later years. It could altogether shatter the peace of your newfound freedom. That’s not to say, of course, that this can’t work. But, if a pooch is on your horizon, you should consider these ways to make their care more manageable.

Consider adopting

A new dog doesn’t have to be a puppy. There are many wonderful pets in rescue centers across the country. Anyone of them could be the easygoing dog you’re after. If you’re nervous about taking on a dog with an uncertain past, don’t be. Adoption centers encourage you to spend time with your chosen dog before committing. This speed dating-style setup could allow you to find the quiet dog you need.

Sign up for training straight away

It is difficult to give up on the idea of a puppy. They’re cute, and we all love to think we’ve been with a dog through their formative years. Luckily, taking on a puppy and retaining a comfortable life is possible. All you need to do is get on top of training. If well trained, even a puppy will be a walk in the park. This means implementing basic training at home, and signing up for local dog training courses the moment your new arrival is through the door. While there may still be some initial madness, this at least ensures things settle down fast.



Pooch-proof your house before purchasing

When they get puppies home, many people are surprised by how fast destruction takes place. Something as simple as popping to the toilet in a non-puppy-proofed room could lead to mayhem. Puppies really are like toddlers, and they need continual supervision in unsafe areas. But, you can get ahead of the game by pre-proofing at least a few rooms in your house. This is as simple as removing anything breakable, chewable, or dangerous. You’ll also want to block off any gaps or potential hiding spaces. That way, you can put your pup in here when you need to get on with something like cooking or washing. Giving yourself that small break ensures you can manage the new youngster in your life with ease.



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  1. Puppies are so dang cute. But, honestly, if I were to get a new dog it would be an older dog. I’m not physically able to give a puppy the activity it needs and deserves, so an older dog who’s just as tired as I am is what I need, lol. Plus, I think older dogs are sometimes overlooked in favor of those sweet puppies.

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