Don’t Worry, Prevail’s Got You Covered

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Menopause isn’t called the change of life for nothing. Hot flashes, weight gain, night sweats, and the mood rollercoaster are just of few of the changes we are dealing with. Just when you think you might have it figured out and under control bam, something else happens and it ‘s time for a readjustment.

The last thing we need to worry about is that little tinkle when we sneeze or that gush when we giggle.  That’s why you need Prevail® Bladder Control Pads to take care of those leaks. I never leave my house without them.


Oh! I’m sorry, did you not know about this? Yes, girl! Just like when you were pregnant, sneezing and peeing.  Did you think your days of buying pads were over? Mother Nature has a surprise for you. But you can’t just use any old pad, no, don’t even try those sanitary pads you have leftover. Talk about a rash. You have to get Prevail® Bladder Control Pads. Right now, you can use this code 30PREVAIL and get 30% off at Amazon and best of all they are shipped in a plain box because all the neighbors don’t need to know your business.




Reduced estrogen levels around menopause cause thinning of the lining of the urethra and vagina. Pelvic muscles weakened by vaginal childbirth become weaker with aging and women in midlife often experience involuntary bladder leaks. There are two basic types of bladder leakage; stress and urge.  Stress is caused by weak pelvic floor muscles and causes leakage when we laugh, cough, or sneeze this is the most common during pregnancy and perimenopause.   The other is urge often called having an overactive bladder.  This is caused by overly active or irritated bladder muscles and results in frequent and sudden urges to go.



In the morning when I am getting ready to leave one of the first things I reach for is Prevail®.  I have enough problems dealing with my anxiety (thanks menopause). I don’t need the added stress of needing to map out all the bathrooms in town just in case I got to go.  I know that Prevail® has me covered with a thin Maxsorb™ Gel core, which quickly locks up wetness to help keep me feeling cleaner, fresher, and drier. They absorb over 30% more wetness than similar bladder control pads.



The pads fit snuggly in your undergarments so there are no embarrassing bulges.  They are long enough to give you the right coverage without fear and with strong adhesive, they stay in place even if you are exercising. Best of all, they are individually wrapped so you can grab, go, and get on with your day feeling fresh and worry-free.



I  feel secure knowing Prevail® has me covered no matter how busy my day is going to be. Whether you have light little sprinkles or more like the dam broke, with 6 different absorbency levels they have a pad that is right for you. They also have full coverage briefs if you prefer those. Remember, you can use this code 30PREVAIL and get 30% off at Amazon. 


Do you sprinkle when you sneeze?

Have you tried Prevail?



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