Does Your Home Need Something New?

Of course, your home needs something new or you wouldn’t be reading this. If you’re like me you are always on the lookout for something new and unique to add to your home. My home is my sanctuary and is a reflection of my personality as yours should be. However, there is a fine line between eclectic and being a packrat so here are some tips to make sure you don’t end up with a room like this.

Tell Your Story

Look for something quirky, a statement piece, something that reflects your unique style to add interest and personality to your space. Look for something you’ll love every time you see it. Everything in your space should bring you joy and tell part of your story. You can tell a lot about a person from what’s on their bookshelf and mantel.  The things that are featured and given a place of importance are the items that tell your story to anyone who enters that room. Make sure everything in your space reflects you and not what is on trend right now. Don’t go for trendy because the novelty of it will wear off and then you’re stuck with a giant camouflage couch right in the middle of your family room.


Make The Space


You can’t keep bringing new things into your home if you aren’t going to make the space for them, so start making that space! You need to clear out anything that you don’t want, such as old furniture and other items. You can have a yard sale with your unwanted stuff and make some money to buy new stuff.  Check out these tips from on making money at your yardsale.

14 Ways to Make More Money at a Yard Sale — and Have Fun Too

Don’t want to have a yard sale? You can always give your stuff to friends and family or if they don’t want it, you can donate it. If you’re looking for somewhere to send your unwanted stuff check out places like local charity thrift stores and Let your old stuff find it’s new home while helping out a great cause. They will often provide pick up service for larger items and you may be eligible for a tax deduction.

Click this photo to find your local Restore

Invest in Quality

It’s not often that you make large purchases such as couches or beds for your home so you need to make sure you invest in quality items that are going to last. For example, if you invest in a sofa with good construction and classic lines, you can always have it reupholstered or buy slipcovers to freshen up the look. Buying slipcovers is a fraction of the cost of buying a new sofa.   If you want a great deal or find quality furniture check out thrift stores and garage sales.  You can often find good quality older furniture for cheap.  I found a really great solid dresser at a thrift store for $30. I am talking about one of those heavy old ones with dovetailed drawers. It was a very dark wood but I stripped it down and refinished it in a lighter stain and it looks amazing.  I also found another one that I painted white and bought new drawer jewelry to make it look french provincial.  You can even use fabric instead of paint. the possibilities are endless.

Have you ever repurposed a piece of furniture?

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