5 Tips To Create a Comfortable Home for Your Ageing Parents


We all know that it is the normal course of life, but it can be hard to see our own parents struggling to move around as swiftly as they once could. Nonetheless, a few more pains and aches should not stop everybody from enjoying their lives to the fullest – especially with the technological advancements we can count on today. 


And, if your parents are getting to that age where they tend to stay at home more, and they struggle to get around, there is plenty you can do to help them. Indeed, there are appliances, furniture, devices, and adjustments you can make to create a comfortable living environment for everybody. Take inspiration below.  


Rethink the Home’s Design

A home and its design should reflect our lifestyle and daily needs. As your parents get older, their needs might change. Make sure you are making all the necessary adaptations for them to move around freely and safely. For example, you might decide to reduce the pieces of furniture around the house, so to create more space to move with walking aids. If the house is built on multiple floors, you should consider investing in elevators or lifts that your parents can use to get in and out of the room.s


Invest in Suitable Furniture and Appliances

The right pieces of furniture for elderly people can make a great difference in their lifestyle, happiness, and mobility. Indeed, with the right chairs, sofas, and beds, they can effortlessly stand up and move around – which can improve their mental and physical wellbeing. And of course, it can help them regain their independence! You should also consider investing in the right mobility appliances for the bathroom, laundry room, and kitchen.


Create a Healthy Environment

Aside from providing your ageing parents with all the comforts needed to create a comforting living environment, it is also important to make the home a healthy place. Indeed, as older adults struggle to move around, it might happen that the rooms start to get dusty, cluttered, or stuffy. In turn, this can worsen their physical and mental health. 


In this case, you should consider giving their home a makeover, swapping the curtains for lighter drapes and getting rid of superfluous accessories. So, they can benefit from increased space, more fresh air, and increased sunlight. 


Another idea might be to consider an air conditioning installation for your parents to use in their home. Did you know that air conditioning is an excellent way to filter dust particles and other airborne pollutants that can cause or worsen an array of health problems?


Consider Adopting a Pet

Depending on your parents’ health and ability to move around and care for others, you might consider adopting a pet. Especially if they live alone or a little isolated, a pet can keep them company, active, and healthy. Adopting and caring for a pet can offer owners a great sense of comfort and purpose. So, if your ageing parent has enough space and the possibility to care for an animal, this could be a great option to consider.


Opt for Live-In Care

Lastly, if you are worried about your elderly parents being alone during the day, you should consider professional live-in care services. They are an excellent choice for older adults who are dealing with reduced mobility or need extra care for daily tasks. Professional live-in services also allow your ageing parents to find the right companion to care for them. 


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