Home Design Trends You Will Fall In Love With

As the popular saying goes, “Home is where the heart is. ” An aesthetically pleasing house can make you feel revived and improve your mood the minute you walk in. A clean environment surrounded by beauty is the ultimate makeover an old space might need. Trends in the home design industry are constantly evolving. In addition, the infusion of technology has made home designs innovative and convenient. Here are some of the latest home design trends you’ll certainly fall in love with.

Colored concrete


New design trends are emerging quickly and inspiring homeowners and designers to inject some personality into homes. Bathrooms are slowly becoming more than drab spaces where you make life decisions like the type of frappuccino you would like. Colored concrete is now the favorite trend that brings a touch of brightness to an otherwise plain bathroom. Couple that with spa-like patterns and textures, and you have a serene and luxurious atmosphere where you can relax and bare it all. The best part is that it’s inexpensive, water-proof, and easy to clean, and there’s a variety to choose from. 

Unconventional rugs


An irregularly shaped rug is the new focal point in the room. This pleasant but simple design can turn your room from barely noticed to a subject of admiration. Square and rectangular rugs take up much floor space and bring no life to the room, while weirdly shaped rugs come in interesting shapes and colors, including abstract and geometric styles. 

Easy maintenance surfaces


This trend is becoming increasingly popular in kitchen and bath remodeling projects. Its target is to give homes convenience without compromising on style. Features like marble counters, stainless steel, and porcelain tiles are easy to clean. Quartz is also gaining popularity and will likely take over marble and porcelain surfaces.

Natural light


Natural lighting is a classic design trend that will not fade anytime soon. Research reveals that natural lighting significantly impacts well-being and happiness, making it a favorite interior decor feature among many. New houses are being built and positioned in a way that will ensure a supply of natural light at all times with little heat. For example, when a room is designed to face the east, you get more sunlight in the morning, while a room facing west gets the sunlight when the sun is low in the evening. Natural lighting could be the ideal trend for you if you enjoy the sunshine and its vitamin D.



Minimalism embodies simplicity and functionality and is recognized for its clean lines, open spaces, and abundant lighting. This trend is characterized by having fewer things to keep and maintain. You’ll likely find structure, symmetry, and plain materials in a typical minimalist home. It can help you live a simpler life and keep your home decluttered. 


Our homes are a mix of all the things you love. Updating your home with the latest trends in home design is sometimes all that is needed to give your space a facelift.


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