Creating The Perfect Adult Bathroom Retreat

Let’s face it, when you’ve got children that are young running about the place, there’s not much point in having any luxurious around your home because it will soon be covered in sticky fingerprints, or even broken. But, now that your children are older, or possibly have even flown the nest, you might be looking into a brand new bathroom that’s perfect for adults. Imagine sinking into a luxurious bath and being able to relax without a plethora of bath toys surrounding you? Well, now it’s possible! So check out these tips on how to create the perfect adult bathroom.


The first thing you should do is check out this wonderful guide from home spa select on how to remodel your bathroom step by step. Then you should totally check out these ideas to add to your soon-to-be classy and adult bathroom!

Non-steam mirror

There’s nothing worse than stepping out of the bath or shower to check yourself out and having to wipe away the steam that’s gathered on your mirror. Well, now you can buy non-steam mirrors that will eliminate the need to do so! Pro hack: if you like your current mirror, smear shaving foam over it and then buff until it’s clean, this will prevent it from steaming up! You’ll have to do this each time you clean your mirrors, but it’s an easy and very affordable way of having a non-steam mirror!


We’re sure you’ll agree that lights can indeed make a room more relaxing, and when you’ve not got the option of a lamp in your bathroom, you’ll need to resort to other sources. Having backlighting behind your mirror (or even around it) can really help add a relaxing ambiance to your bathroom.

Colour changing water

And no, we don’t mean bath bombs either, but they’re a great way to do this too! We’re talking about LED changing lights that you fit onto your tap to change the color of the water as it runs. They usually indicate how warm or cold the water is too, so perfect for those dreary eyed mornings when you’re washing your face or hands!

Super fluffy bathroom sets

One thing you wouldn’t have been able to easily get away with when you have young children around is luxurious bathroom sets to sink into when you get out of the bath or shower. Well, now you can enjoy this luxury, so treat yourself to some super fluffy bathroom sets!

Ivory walls!

Finally, one thing’s for sure, anything ivory or lighter would have been a no-no when you had small children. Well, this isn’t the case anymore, so why not enjoy a luxuriously classy, light and airy bathroom by painting the walls ivory? Ivory is the epitome of classy!

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